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While Hong Kong offers a myriad of reasons to visit, the lip-smacking street food makes it difficult for tourists not to extend their stay. Sold by vendors and hawkers at food stalls sprinkled throughout the city, the street food of Hong Kong is renowned across the globe for the intriguing simplicity in its deliciousness. The sale of street food in Hong Kong, however, is not a modern concept. It has been in practice since the times of the Tang dynasty and has etched its name in every itinerary connected with Hong Kong tourism.

1] Curry Fish Balls

Probably the most well known among all the savoury street food items Hong Kong has to offer,  curry fish balls can be found at almost every food stall one can lay eyes upon. There are three types of fish balls, distinguished on the basis of texture, size and type of fish. Yellow fish balls are made from a cheaper variety of fish, ground down to a paste and boiled in a curry sauce. White fish balls are made from a better quality of fish, also ground down and boiled. Golden fish balls are prepared fr fresh fish and served with a spicy curry sauce. Served either in a bowl, or skewered on a stick, this ancient delicacy is sure to leave hungry travellers wanting more.

Pocket Pinch : HK$5 – 7 (5-6 fish balls)

Hong Kong Curry Fish Balls | Recipe | Fish ball, Curry, Curry dishes

2] Stinky Tofu

This ancient Chinese delicacy holds a delicious surprise if one can get past its pungent smell. An intriguing dish, stinky tofu has an interesting origin story. According to Chinese legend, a large batch of tofu, having been stored for a long time, was discovered to have developed a foul smell. On tasting it however, the tofu appeared to taste better than the original and hence, this signature delicacy came into being. Usually served with hoisin sauce, deep fried stinky tofu is a must try item for every adventurous foodie.

Pocket Pinch : HK$10 to $40


3] Egglettes

Popularly known as gai daan zai, Egglettes are Hong Kong’s delicious take on waffles. Much like the American concoction, these are crispy on the outside and with a soft, fluffy interior. Egglettes are available in a number of different flavours, with every stall incorporating their originality in this popular delicacy. Among the plethora of vendors which serve gai daan zai, few stores stand out, be it because of their meticulous preparation, or their inviting flavour palette. Some of the popular stores are Goodest Snacks, McQ,and More Egglettes.

Pocket Pinch : HK$15 – $25

Egg Waffle Recipe - Hong Kong Style Eggette - Yum Of China

4] Deep Fried Pig Intestine

While the name of the dish may be off putting for some, this delicacy is the perfect dish to capture the essence of Hong Kong street food. Sold at various stalls across Hong Kong, this item is prepared by tightly wrapping a number of layers of pig intestine in a bundle deep frying them. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, these balls of meat, bursting with flavour are served, skewered on a stick, with a splash of sweet sauce.

Pocket Pinch : HK$12

KYspeaks | KY eats – Fried Intestine at Low Yat Plaza

5] Roasted Sweet Potato

Winter vacations in Hong Kong are incomplete without a bag of delicious roasted sweet potatoes. Although they have become a rare delicacy over the years, with a little bit of exploring, tourists can still sniff out vendors who sell these delicious treats, because of the distinct fragrance that accompanies the preparation.

Pocket Pinch : HK$10 to HK$35

8 New Ways to Try Sweet Potato in Japan

6] Cheung Fun

A crowd favourite among street food addicts, Cheung Fun lives up to its name as a fun dish to try out, when in Hong Kong. Designed to appeal to both sweet and savoury lovers, it is prepared by boiling shahe fen (rice noodles), and rolling it up with a filling of beef, shrimp or vegetables. Perfect for a breakfast snack, tourists enjoying this Cantonese delicacy are sure to ask for second helpings every time.

Pocket Pinch : HK$6 to $25

Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun 港式猪肠粉 - Eat What Tonight


For the more adventurous among travellers, as well as those on a budget, Hong Kong has a huge range of delicacies to offer. From a healthy breakfast to a quirky dinner, a walk among the innumerable food stalls here, is bound to leave every tourist spoilt for choice.

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