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How Skiing Can Help You Reconnect With Your Family

When it comes to the modern lifestyles people lead, the most affected are often children. We know that people, because of their work and other factors cannot give their kids enough time. This, in turn, creates problems for them later in life.

This is why the precious little vacation time we get is so very important in our lives. This helps us reconnect with our family, be with our spouses, and gets us away from the hustle and bustle of city lives.

These few days can act as healing exercises for the entire family, providing a reason, and helping you come together.

However, when it comes to vacations, you might want to re-consider skiing. This much-maligned vacation plan, which includes a lot of activities is often ignored because of the effort it takes.

ski holiday


However, imagine this, a snow-capped mountain, hot tea by your side, and the entire family sharing ghost stories.

Skiing can give you all that and more. How does it help you reconnect with the family? Here are some of the ways it does.

The warmth of the resorts

The best family ski holiday(s) do not have to start from near your home. You could get adventurous and go to far-away places, places with include the famous French Alps.

Once you enter a ski resort in a foreign country, you can let go of reservations. Relish a cup of hot cocoa as you start talking with your spouse about the next activities, or plan out the entire vacation with your kids.

Remember, the family is the only unit of your life that does not get a say at work. This makes them feel important and loved.

ski holiday

Ski activities

The importance of doing work with your family is often overlooked. In a ski vacation, as you all start to get familiar with ski lessons and the things you can do together, you would get time to reconnect.

There is nothing that brings a family close together better than a shared experience. Don’t believe me? Check how your baby laughs when you cannot get on the ski with the same accuracy anymore, or how your spouse finds your efforts to keep up with your children endearing.

With full-on ski lessons and activities in the snow, the best family ski holiday(s) are not merely things you add to your journal.

ski holiday

The Learning Curve

Learning together is a joy. With most ski resorts offering gentle as well as steep slopes, you would learn while you have your long vacation. Crossing a learning curve together means you are growing together and that growth matters a lot in the long run. You get to cross boundaries and get there.

For a stress-free vacation, you take one of the gentler Alps slopes and learn with your spouse and toddler until you feel like an expert in the art of skiing. Not only will you reconnect with your family, but you would also have stories to tell for every family soiree you have after.

Sleeping at the Chalets

Chalets are the new hype in Europe. These modern-living spaces, which are castle-like and have all the warmth of a home means you get to have warm family time without compromising on comfort.

Living in close quarters after seeing the faces of your children for only brief moments the entire year might be a bit scary, but, it is worth it for the memories you make together.

You get to play small games with them before they go to sleep and to plan the entire vacation together.

ski holiday

Baby and Toddler Ski Schools

After you start your life as a parent, getting some alone time with your spouse becomes very difficult. Most ski holidays now, come with ski schools, where the babies and toddlers have fun learning about skiing, while, you and your partner can indulge in some coffee as you enjoy the third snowfall of the day.

Moments like these can make you romance bloom again with time. The weather and the far-away place also helps you put things in perspective and create some distance between you and your problems.

All the play you want

When was the last time you played ball with your kid? During a hard time in office, we often forget to keep up with our children growing. A ski resort, with its family activities, means you catch up with your 9-year old’s dance lessons, and your 12-year old’s baseball practice at the same time.

Kids love it when adults care about their interests, and with most ski resorts offering you activity areas. You can ensure that your ski vacation is one where your kids act as your teachers for a while.

You will learn about how they are doing, and some skills to add to it too.

Playing in the Snow

Snow Angels is one idea you will never do at home, right? You have heard about it, it intrigues you, and you loved doing it when you were a kid. However, you are older now, and you don’t get a lot of time to goof around.

A ski holiday means you have snow all around for you to play with. Get into a strategic snowball fight or simply laze around and make snow angels. A ski resort means you get to build your pet snow projects too, and at the Alps, they’re never going to melt either.

ski holiday

Exploring the mountains

Most of these ski resorts are built in and around valleys. You can trek out with your family to get to supermarkets and other fascinating places. You could bargain over goods and enjoy yourself some time getting familiar with the tastes of the entire family.

It merely takes buying some winter clothes and a plane ticket to go on an adventure. Enjoy one of the French bistros at a corner of the valley as you discuss life and other essential things.

ski holiday

All the Romance

If there’s one thing we must acknowledge about the French, is that they know how to do romance. The quiet and the charm of Alps means that every cup of tea will erase the distances and strains in your relationship. Get yourself and your spouse some “us” time and settle down, talk, and fall in love, again.

With the valleys and chalets offerings nooks and crevices for you to escape into, you can regain all your teenage romantic affairs while enjoying yourself.

ski holiday

Doing it together

Let’s face it. This is not going to last long. Kids grow up, people grow older and work gets more stressful. Soon, you would be managing free time by continuously checking up on each other’s timetables.

Why not ensure with a ski holiday, that your first visit out of town also acts as a reminder of how great it can be to get together and do everything alongside each other. This is a lesson that you would not forget.

Skiing is not the first option that comes to mind when we get around to planning our vacations. However, in the scorching summer heat and with all the work running behind us, its as good an excuse as you will ever get to be together with the people who matter the most, family.


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