How to Ensure You Get Some Proper ‘Honeymoon Time’ On Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be a wonderful experience that you and your partner will remember for a lifetime. It allows you to get married in a beautiful location, for example a sun-drenched tropical beach, you can pretty much choose the weather you want for the big day if you choose a location with year round sunshine (or year round snow, if that’s what you prefer!), and you can actually save a lot of money by having a small ceremony overseas rather than paying for hundreds of acquaintances to celebrate with you at home!

The Drawbacks of Combining Your Wedding and Honeymoon

Another reason many people like the idea of a destination wedding is that by combining the wedding and the honeymoon in terms of both time and cost, you can get a longer honeymoon in a more expensive location (because you aren’t just paying for it out of what is left over from your wedding budget – your honeymoon and wedding are the same thing!). This works really well financially, but one of the only downsides many couples find to their destination weddings is that with the wedding itself and any guests who are at the resort or destination with them, they don’t get to spend much proper ‘honeymoon time’ alone together.

Why It Can Be Hard Finding Time for Yourselves

If you are staying at a resort where weddings take place regularly and your guests are staying there too, or you have opted for beautiful wedding villas you are sharing with other members of your party, it may be hard to find time to be alone as a couple. After all, this is your guests’ vacation too, and they have spent money and taken time off work to spend it with you! Depending on how far flung your destination is, it may be unlikely they will all go home right after the wedding to leave you to your honeymoon either – nobody is going to take a 12 hour flight just for a couple of days at the wedding destination.

What You Can Do?

Make sure you have a good few days to a week of your time at the resort or destination where nobody else you know will be there. You may actually want to do this before the wedding – there may be requirements for you to be in the country for a certain amount of time before the ceremony, so you could have a week long relaxing vacation together during that time, and have your guests arrive for the second week of your time when the wedding will take place. If this doesn’t work out logistically, the only other solution is to try and arrange activities and nights out for your guests that they can go off and enjoy, leaving you alone together!

Destination weddings can be wonderful, but if your guests plan on staying for the duration of your trip overseas, then make sure there is plenty to keep them out of the way and allow you to spend time as newlyweds!

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