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How to Spice Up your Beach Vacation

Beach vacations are not the most creative things in the world. Usually, when we plan beach vacations, we are aiming for getting some time in the sun and reading ourselves a large book, while, the kids play along. However, with the all-work lifestyle of modern life, vacations are no longer just for us.

The kids need vacations as do our partners. In both cases, the time we would be giving to them is essential. Also, the dull beach vacations where you lazed around under an umbrella while others played is probably not your style anymore. So, here’s a list of cool activities to do to make your beach vacation interesting.

  1. Windsurfing

Let’s say you got yourself to Greece for the Mediterranean Sea and then find out you have little to offer regarding working through the place. Well, you don’t have to fear.

Watersport holidays in Greece are for everyone. You can enjoy WIndSurfing whether you are a beginner who is just trying to keep their head out of the water or as an expert who wishes to sail the strongest of winds.

Greek winds are sturdy but, predictable so that you can plan your activities accordingly. Consult your local guide for advice and get yourself some gear online so, that when you slay the winds, the world can watch you do it.

Water sports


  1. Dinghy Sailing

The dreams of getting into a small boat and running away from life never go away. A dinghy sailing experience offers you just that. A small boat which you can board and use for traveling to all the sceneries nearby.

You get to row, stock yourself up on your own and work through. Here is a nifty guide to take you through everything you might need for the solo adventure.

This gets you the best tales to tell to your friends when you return from the vacation and leaves you with the adventure you so desperately want. Since this is a solo adventure, you can count on it being one of the things that you would cherish too.

This is the best way to rest yourself and get some alone time during your holidays, since, it often gets tiring to hang around people you know. You might find some untouched island beach or a cliff that makes you feel like an explorer.

  1. Stand up Paddle Boarding

This is a relatively new water sport. Imagine yourself as an olden days sailor as you get on a Paddle Boat and start roaming around the sea while seeing the waves run all around you.

This is one of the easiest things to learn regarding watersports. So, the moment you have the balance down to a tee, you can start your adventure through the seas

Since water sport holidays in Greece are for everyone, you do not have to worry about getting guides or any of those things. Help is always available if you wish to learn.

After you figure it out, you can visit the nearby coasts and see for yourself the vibrancy of life all around you.

Water sports

  1. Mountain Biking

Water sports not your thing? You can rent a bike in the Greek coasts to go exploring in and around the islands. With the rough terrain and new territories to discover you would never be lacking concerning the adventure that you seek.

Get yourself some insulation, some gear and bike under the stars for that one click that you would cherish throughout your life.

Mountain biking is also a great way to keep yourself healthy and finding unexplored spots for your itinerary. So, once, you get off on an island, go into explorer mode and see some sights that you can be proud of.

Mountain biking is secure and available everywhere through the coast, so, you can turn up and expect to run into the water just like you used to.

Water sports

  1. Foiling

Once you get the hang of sailing, you can start with foiling. Simply, taste out the waters with your guide or go for an extended tour around the seas.

Foiling is one of those experiences that prepares you for the worst, by giving you a taste of the high winds and the terrifying waves. Interested? You can find more stories here.

This is the sort of adrenaline rush one needs before returning to the daily routine which is mundane and leads nowhere. It offers you respite and makes you consider what is right ahead of you. That might be the perspective we all need.

Foiling is in fact very rare, and only a few places offer it, so, be careful about finding your guide when you start off.

Water sports

  1. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most exciting things you would ever do at a beach. Get yourself a kayak, and you and a bunch of good friends can go exploring the coasts of Greece without anyone interrupting. If you have never tried kayaking, it’s one of the most straightforward skills to master.

If you feel a little less confident, your boating instructor will give you the guidance for exploring the bays. Plus, you will get closer to whoever you go exploring with too.

This comes highly recommended for spouses and partners. A journey on a small boat together where you have to coordinate to reach your destination is not only fun. It is also the relationship building activity that adds to the times you spend together.

Water sports


  1. Beach Sports

Greek beaches are famous for their sports which get going around there, so, you could try your hand at some beach volleyball or simply go for endurance running along the coast.

It’s not only good for your health, but you will also end up making friends in the community who would be a great help if there are trying times.

So, that’s about it. Spicing up your beach vacation when you are in Greece and exploring the Mediterranean is not a hard task. You have to have some faith in yourself and do something that you have not done before.

Water sports


That way, you would not come back from just another beach holiday. You will have come back from a full experience.

Also, a much-needed disclaimer, you should always be safe and take help from professionals while engaging yourselves in watersports.

You need to be careful and to take classes to become experts. Remember, being safe is the best thing you will do for yourself.

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