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Immerse Yourself to the Complete Attractions of France by Visiting the Places

The Eiffel tower, cheese, snooty waiters, cheese-France is popular for a huge array of things and it remains as one of the predominant countries in the world. It is extremely beautiful, serves great food, scrumptious wine, a carefree atmosphere and storied history. There is nothing like a trip across the Seine or enjoying a day along the French countryside to experience life seems wonderful. Travelling to France is a quite expensive affair and those on a tight budget will feel it difficult to explore everything offered by France. Ensure that you travel to France with some extra Euros so you can immerse in all the food and beauty.

Travel tips to Paris:

Paris is one such city that never goes dull. There is always something fabulous tom explore, including the world famous museums and landmarks mixed with café life, chic shopping, strolls and gastronomic blowouts alongside the banks of the splendid River Seine.

Must-see sights in Paris:

Notre Dame Cathedral Alter

Watching down the city from the crest of Eiffel tower is the superior Paris Baptism. Rest afterwards on the plush green lawns of Parc Du Champ de Mars or move across the Siene to have a perfect selfie with Eiffel tower.

Notre Dame that stands splendidly cool near the two Seine islands is the spiritual and the geographical heart of the city. Venus De Milo and Mona Lisa in the large hitting Loure are the valuable must-see in Paris. The striking Centre Pompidou is at an easy walk and you should never miss the striking panorama that radiates from the roof.

Visit the D-day beaches in Normandy:

If you visit the beaches in Normandy, you will come to know about them interesting event that took many years ago. You will get to know about allied forces landings across the seashore of Northern France. There are museums and memorials detailing the event history. You can also see some of the fortifications and the old bunkers.

Visit to Loire valley:

The Loire is picturesque and lovely, with huge tons of chateaus and vineyards. You can explore some of the quality wine in the worlds, great food and wonderful small towns. It is a location not to be missed visiting.

Taste wine in Bordeaux:

Bordeaux is a place in France, where some of the best wines are made. It is a destination for elite visitors as it is highly expensive being here and not for fit for anyone with tight budget. Bordeaux is known for having the longest shopping streets all over Europe, exciting seafood, seaside access and more importantly, wine. It is also a charming destination to wander from your backpacking mentality. Next to Paris, it is one of the best spots in France.

Explore the history of France in Lyon: The area that surrounds Lyon has small villages and magnificent castles. It is extraordinary for those who want to discover the countryside of French. When you want to have a gaze at France during medieval period, this place is where you must head to. The whole place is registered as under the World heritage site by UNESCO and visiting here you will really feel like as though you have got back to the past

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