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Japan Trip On A Budget

Japan is one of the world’s most frequently visited countries, with many modern wonders and a tapestry of rich, ancient history. However, planning a visit there can be very expensive. While you can save on your flight and accommodations by looking for special deals and buy everything you can before the trip at an affordable price with a Target coupon, there are numerous ways to plan your Japan trip and remain within your budget. Read on to learn more:

Plan Ahead and Maintain Flexibility

If you lock yourself into going on a Japanese vacation on a certain date, this limits your ability to shop around for the best possible prices. International plane tickets are always costly, but if you are open and flexible to planning a trip during the slower months, you can come to Japan during June’s rainy season and obtain a ticket for as little as $750. Traveling during April and May could cost up to three times as much.

Buy A Rail Pass

This special passbook will allow you for much cheaper traveling throughout the country. A rail pass is only available to people who are in the country on a tourist’s visa and needs to be purchased before your arrival in Japan. It can offer unlimited rides on Japan Railways for periods of one week, two weeks or even three weeks. Don’t worry about springing for a luxury car, as all seats are spacious and comfortable!

Rent a Bicycle

There are areas adjacent to most Japanese train stations that allow you to rent a bicycle for as little as $10 per day. When you are planning to tour an entire city in one day, it is much cheaper to rent a bicycle and pedal yourself around! You will find it much more exhilarating than sitting down on a subway or a bus. If you do decide to come during the rainy season, you may want to stick with buses and subways, though, as they are much safer. However, intrepid explorers usually decide to purchase some inexpensive rain gear and remain on the move!

Stay In A Capsule Hotel

While capsule hotels are typically favored by Japanese businessmen who are working late in town and unable to make the last train, they can also prove to be quite useful to tourists. The rooms are small (about the size of a refrigerator) and consist of just a mattress to sleep on, but when you are trying to plan your Japan trip on a budget, the prices cannot be beaten!

Eat At Grocery Stores

Avoid high priced Western themed dining options and head to Japan’s wide variety of grocery stores for your food. This will not only allow you to enjoy the local cuisine, as there’s usually a wide range of prepared meals available, but also prices that are much lower than the ones offered by restaurants.

Image by Wootang01, williamcho under CC License.


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