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London: A City Of Culture

London is a city that everyone seems to have visited at some point in their lives. Of course, this is not a strange thing as London is the capital of England and – more or less – every important aspect of British laws, policies, finance and control tools are created, discussed and processed in London. As it is a place of commerce and statistics, this led to lots of people moving to London and setting up home there and creating their own businesses years ago. This has now led to London being an extremely densely populated area, with more people per square mile than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. However, it is not just for business reasons that people decide to travel there – the city is booming with different cultures, diverse restaurants, popular tourist attractions and some of the most famous pubs, bars and nightclubs.

London can be a great destination for a short trip away, and you can (if you plan well) pack a lot of things in. So, if you have a spare couple of days and want to visit London, get onto booktaxilondon and start planning your trip. In this post, there will be places highlighted which are famous and not so well known in order for you to experience all different aspects of the culture that London can provide.

The British Museum should be at the top of your list. Packed with important historical artefacts such as the Rosetta Stone, the granite head of Amenhotep III, Hoa Hakananai’a – The Easter Island Statue, and the The Elgin Marbles: these are just a few examples of what is on offer. The museum can take a while to get through properly so either do this at the beginning or at the end of your trip.

For mealtimes, you would do well to experience restaurants which are a tad out of the ordinary. La Porte des Indes is a fine dining French Indian restaurant which is adorned with vintage and unique Indian art, and also has a very quirky jungle themed bar with a great selection of drinks. Shaka Zulu is a South African restaurant which has developed a great reputation. The restaurant opened in 2010, and even had a royal blessing from the Zulu King, HRH Goodwill Zwelithini. This offers something completely different to the tired chain restaurants, and you should try to experience the cuisine before your trip is over.

In terms of nightlife, or socialising, there are tons of options available to you. The Walrus Bar is a favourite with the fashionable crowd, offering speciality craft beers and standard lager and cider. They have also got great options in terms of the spirits they sell. Gordon’s Wine Bar offers something completely different and can, on times, cater to a more high end clientele. However, if you know your wine then you could head there and see what rare or unique wines they have available. Or, even if you want to try some good wine and stay away from the beer, Gordon’s could be a good choice for you.

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Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed N

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