Luxury Shopping Destinations Around the World

Numerous people enjoy a spot of retail treatment. It offers the opportunity to purchase essential and luxury items and to treat yourself as well as other people. Notwithstanding, there are places in the world where just the wealthiest can stand to shop. Here are five such luxury shopping destinations:

Grafton Street

Grafton Street

Not exactly as prosperous as some of its worldwide adversaries, yet Grafton Street in Dublin is in any case rich in urban charm and character and has lavish shops right nearby to the typical high- street brands. Indeed, even the buskers here are in their very own class as Damien Rice used to play in side of Grafton Street to attempt and profit off passers-by before he shot to fame off the back of hits like Cannonball. In 2008, Grafton Street was the fifth most costly shopping street on the world.

Bond Street

On the off chance that you favor spending your London days in the lap of luxury then go to Bond Street, which has been a cheerful chasing ground for the rich and famous since the eighteenth century. From staggeringly costly and similarly attractive jewellery to cutting-edge interior design, this popular region of London has everything, giving; obviously, you have a lot of cash buried in the bank. Some of England’s most iconic hotels are likewise in view of and around Bond Street, including the Dorchester, the Ritz and Claridge’s.

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay

The heartbeat of Hong Kong’s shopping scene is likewise answered to be the second-most costly retail store on the world, behind only New York’s Fifth Avenue. Those rates could be set to increment further when another luxury shopping center opens here in 2012 that will be the measure of 12 American football pitches not that Causeway Bay doesn’t have a variety of boutique shops offering top-of-the-reach apparel and electrical things. Time Square additionally shapes some portion of Causeway Bay and the shopping mall traverses somewhere in the range of 16 stories and has well more than 200 shops nearby.

Fifth Avenue

New York in general is a shopping heaven and you could without much of a stretch invest a fortune in no energy at all in the region encompassing Fifth Avenue. Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada are among the creator stores to have a prime spot in this specific piece of central Manhattan, while there are likewise incalculable legendary department stores like the flagship Saks shop. When you’re through with shopping, unwind and loosen up in one of the plush bars or restaurants or even take an trip up to the top of the Empire State Building, which is on Fifth Avenue itself, and see ‘New York’ in all its terrific radiance.



In the city of love, you can without much of a stretch be allured just by walking past some of stores that line seemingly a standout amongst the most conspicuous streets on the world. Eat; shop or think about the Champs Elysées and you can hope to spend a lovely penny for the benefit. Various expert watch makers, including Cartier, assume pride of position in the prestigious Paris hotspot, which is for all intents and purposes in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe and other surely well-known attractions in the city.

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