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Make The Most Of Your Time In Texas!

When traveling around America, there are a few states that leave a little to be desired in terms of tourism and sightseeing. That is, if you don’t know where to look. Texas is usually ignored as a holiday location, simple because people don’t think there’s that much to do. But, in reality, Texas is a state that is rich with history and culture. This post will take you through some of the best tourist destinations to visit on your trip to Texas.

  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Dallas’ 66-acre botanical gardens are a must-see for anyone with even slightly green fingers. The garden was originally created as a way to come up with new methods of growing certain plants in difficult conditions. Obviously, because so much of Texas is desert, it’s hard to grow much of anything there. This only makes it more impressive to see how much the gardens have been able to achieve.

  • Galveston Island

Galveston is a city-island, about 50 miles from Houston. The island itself isn’t particularly interesting. It’s what goes on behind the scenes; that will have you hankering for a visit. Galveston is filled with high-class shopping and nightlife. It also has the facilities for a full-blown family holiday. Being so close to Houston, but still on an island, you will feel out of the way, but not trapped. The area is so popular, that you’ll find a guide to Galveston Island nice and easily.

  • The AT&T Stadium

The former home of the Cowboys, the AT&T Stadium is world famous for it’s size and unique design. Some of the greatest athletes in the world have competed at this legendary stadium. With a maximum capacity of 800,000 people, the sheer size of this landmark will take your breathe away.

  • The USS Lexington

The USS Lexington, or “The Blue Ghost,” is a warship that is veteran to countless wars. American seafaring war machines are infamous for their size and might, and the Lexington is no different. A piece of machinery of this vast scale can only be truly appreciated in person. It’s worth a visit to Texas to see this part of history in the flesh.

  • Presidential Libraries and Museums

Texas plays host to several presidential landmarks, in honor of George W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson to name a couple. These venues act as living reminders of the work that presidents have done, extending to the scientific and natural world. Even if you’re not to bothered about American presidents, these facilities are great if you want to learn and thing or two on your trip.

  • Fort Worth and Houston Zoo

Of course, no holiday is complete without a trip to the zoo. You won’t find any one of a kind animals or natural oddities at Texan zoos. But, these zoos are heralded for their animal welfare efforts and conservation programs. By supporting zoos like this, you are helping to force other zoos to adopt more ethical practices, while having fun.

Texas is a state filled with natural beauty and human feats. If you can live with the dust and don’t mind a bit of a trek, seeing this state is a real treat. You won’t find so much variety in many other places, around the world.

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