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Need To Chill Out? Wonderful Winter Destinations

Taking a vacation isn’t always about soaking up the rays. This winter, why not swap the sun for the snow, and enjoy a different kind of chilled out holiday. If you like the sound of a snowy sojourn, here are some top picks to get you thinking.


Iceland has become a tourist hotspot in the last couple of years, but there’s still time to explore without having to deal with massive crowds. Although visitor numbers are increasing year on year, much of Iceland remains untouched, and it’s a stunning place to spend some time. You can book tours through operators, or hire a car and drive around at your leisure. The roads are deserted most of the time, but you will need to take weather conditions into account. The forecast can change in the blink of an eye, and it’s wise to travel on the main roads and to have snow chains to hand. Iceland is a veritable playground for adventurous types, and there are so many activities on offer. You can hike, climb, cycle, or simply take a tour of the breathtaking scenery. Relax in the thermal baths, go walking on a glacier or take a kayak safari through the iceberg-ridden waters. The Golden Circle tours are highly recommended. If you visit in the winter months, you may also be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights in all their glory.


If you’re a fan of winter sports or adrenaline-pumping activities, Colorado is an excellent choice for a winter break. The main resort of Vail is a popular option for skiers and snowboarders, but there are also other activities on offer. If you fancy getting your pulse racing on the powder without putting your legs through the mill, it’s worth investigating Vail snowmobile rentals. You can choose between half or full day hire. Away from the ski slopes, you’ll also find facilities like indoor climbing walls and dog sledding. If you’re looking for a lively apres-ski scene, head to Beaver Creek or Breckenridge.

Finnish Lapland

If you’re a wildlife lover or you simply want to escape the daily grind and get away from it all, Finnish Lapland could be an ideal choice for you. Lapland is famed for its Santa-themed vacations, but there’s so much more going on. You can visit an arctic zoo, take a snowmobile safari or learn to guide a pack of huskies as you dash through the kind of winter wonderland you may have only seen in the movies. You can also try ice fishing and cross country skiing, or you can cozy up inside a transparent igloo and watch the magnificent auroral displays dancing across the clear night skies.

When we hear the word vacation, we tend to think about lazing around in the sun. However, there are many different types of vacation, and sometimes, it’s good to make a change. Winter holidays open you up to new experiences and adventures. You can try outdoor sports, marvel at natural wonders or simply enjoy the scenery.

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