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Lowing worst Paris is the capital of France and is the most populated country of Europe. It is highly developed economically, politically and technically. It is the main center of science, music, painting, finance, business etc of Europe. It was also listed as the second, most expensive counter of the world. Of the GDP of France, more than 30% of its GDP is accumulated by Paris alone. It is the 3rd largest country in the growth of GDP. The city of Paris is mostly known for is architectural monuments and museums. It is known as the city of love and the best holiday destination ideas and also a good choice for a honeymoon place.


Some of the best holiday destination ideas in Paris are:

  • Eiffel tower
  • Notre Dame cathedral
  • Sacre- Coeur
  • Place de la Concorde
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Opera de Paris Garnier

Get in details about some of the best holiday destination ideas of Paris:

  • The Moulin Rouge is an entertainment venue. It was opened for public in the year 1889.
  • The Conciergerie is the palace of the French king. It was built in the 10th It has two major halls in it. Among the two one hall is the largest hall of Europe and is named as the Great Hall. Later it became a prison. Now it is among the famous attracting spot for the tourists.
  • The Disneyland of Paris is the 2nd Disneyland that was opened outside the United Kingdom. It is the most visited park in Paris. It was opened in the year 2002 and consists of hotels, shopping complex, resorts etc within.
  • Les Invalides was built in the year 1670. It is a building complex which was built for the military of France. It is still functioning as the same.
  • Palace of Versailles was earlier a hunting lodge and later became the court of the king. It is among the most visited place of Paris. There are 357 mirrors inside the hall of the palace decorated in an attracting way. It served the royal members and now works as a museum which connects the visitor with the French revolution.
  • Louvre has set the record of the most visited museum of Paris. It was an eye-catching entrance. The entrance is of the glass shaped pyramid. There is a collection of more than 1 million things inside the museum. The world-famous Mona Lisa painting is seen n the museum.

Coming to the world famous Eiffel tower, it was built in the year 1889 and is named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel. It is 324 meter and has 3 floors for visitors. Two of the floors serve as a restaurant. It is the most visited and paid monument of the world.

The Eiffel tower of the Paris is the main reason to attract the tourists from the world. It is a dream of many people to visit this place. At night the lights in the city look like the glittering stars on the floor; making a perfect reason to sit by the window to see the beauty of the city.

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