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Places in South Korea that Deserve a Spot on your Solo Travel Bucket List

South Korea holds a special place in not just the hearts of travel enthusiasts but also the population of young adults all around the world. With a sudden rise in the popularity of Korean Popular Music or ‘K-Pop’ on a global scale, people are learning to appreciate the culture and the beauty of this marvelous country. But what is more captivating are the gorgeous places where the Korean dramas or Korean music videos are filmed, thereby leaving the audience in a state of longing for these places.

In this article, readers will be able to learn about some lesser-known places that are ideal for a solotrip. Here is a compilation of places to travelSouthKorea that are capable of leaving visitors in awe with their beauty and hospitality.

Yeongam Gurim Village

As one of the most underrated and lesser-known places of the country, the YeongamGurim Village is yet to be discovered by tourists in its proper form. Nestled in the province of South Jeolla, this quaint village is bound to enlighten its visitors with its rich aesthetics of rural life and strong historical roots. It is a textbook definition of the phrase ‘old world charm’ as it boasts of old buildings and architecture. From here, it is also easy to reach Wolchusan National Part which offers clear and mesmerising views of the Gurim Village.


Apart from the popular and the largest Jeju, a tripSouthKoreareveals it to be a hub of beautiful and lively islands. One such island that is located on the south-west coast of Incheon, is the island of Deokjeokdo. This place is a combination of spectacular mountain ranges trails, several magnificent beaches and awe-inspiring historical spots. This is an ideal place for venturing out on bike rides through the mountain trails or hikes. Among the beaches, the largest beach here would be the Seopori Beach and if serenity is what attracts you, then the Batjireum Beach will be a perfect choice.


Although Seoul is the capital city of South Korea, Suwon, in the province of Gyeonggi-do, was supposed to become the country’s capital during the 18th century. This beautiful city can be found towards the south of Seoul and it is currently a hub of technological development and research. It is the largest city in this province and it boasts of a range of places with historical value. One of the most famous spots here which dates back to the 18th century is the Hwaseong Fortress, built by King Jeongjo. Later in 1997, this fortress was turned into a Unesco World Heritage Site owing to its rich historical relevance.


With the mention of this name, many readers might get reminded of the famous zombie apocalypse movie, ‘Train to Busan’. But this city is one of the most captivating, metropolitan cities in the whole of South Korea. BusanKoreais a city which has the power to satiate the gastronomical cravings of every visitor with its delightful array of seafood. Busan is an amalgamation of different tastes, hence this place has something to offer for every visitor who chooses a SouthKoreatrip. Not to forget the annual Busan International Film Festival, where popular faces belonging to the global film fraternity come together to celebrate the spirit of cinema.


Belonging to the province of Changwon-do, Jinhae is a city which is a treasure trove of scenic beauty. This place is the host for the annual event of the cherry blossom festival, where the beautiful cherry blossom flowers are in full bloom, making for a magnificent view. Here, the flowers are in bloom for a short period of 10 days, beyond which they start to wilt and their petals shed. The best time to visit this place is during the latter part of March or early April when the cherry blossoms start blooming and create a ‘pink wonderland’.

South Korea is a wonderland where every nook and corner is filled with surprises for travel enthusiasts. Islands, mountains, beaches and nightlife, this country will ensure that its visitors have a memorable stay and take back home a truck full of cherished moments. So, before booking aSouthKoreatickets, do not forget to add these above-mentioned places as they are perfect to be visited while on a solo trip or with the company of loved ones.

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