Best Places to Visit in Greece

Planning for an exciting trip to ease your mind and also go back and forth in time? Greece is the perfect destination for you to pack your bags for! The European country boasts of having one of the richest historical and cultural heritage of the world. Fretted with architectural remnants from the grandeur from ancient times, Greece is a favorite destination for tourists across the world. Picturesque locations and beautiful natural sceneries across the landscape add to the attraction of the country. This article will feature some of the most notable places to visit in Greece so as to give the reader a better idea while planning their Greece vacation.

Major tourist attractions

This section will deal with the best places to visit in Greece. Filled with places with historical splendor and scenic beauty, Greece is a welcome destination for tourists looking forward to stimulating their minds in attempts to imagine pasts and histories and also soothe their eyes looking at the beautiful landscapes, sunny beaches, and cultural delights. Here are some of the best places to look forward to visiting Greece and the different aspects they have to over.


The Greek capital is 3000 years old. The city is often regarded as the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of democracy. If one visits Athens, they would be trapped in a time warp, as the city provides an eclectic blend of historical and modern features.

The city attracts flocks of tourists every year with its archaeological ruins and remains like the Theatre of Dionysos, the Ancient Agora, the Acropolis, and so on. All these can be visited by availing services offering tours in Athens. It is also an important center for business, nightlife, and culture.

Greek islands

The exotic Greek islands are one of the world’s top travel destinations. These islands are numerous in quantity and also cater to different sets of preferences of the travelers.

These 2000 islands have everything, from the best beaches in Greece, colorful and vibrant harbors, ancient ruins to active volcanoes. Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands. Mykonos, Dodecanese archipelago, Ionian islands are the other important tourist destinations. So, one visiting Greece should not forget to do greek island hopping.


Crete is the largest Greek island. Its landscapes range from stunning coastlines, to rolling countryside fretten with olive trees and rugged mountains. It provides a unique blend of metropolitan cities and quiet villages. Crete has a lot of interesting archaeological remains from the bygone civilizations that grew on its lands.


The name of the place comes from the Greek word “Meteora” meaning “suspended in the air”. This is a fitting description of the spectacular cliffs that rise to a height of more than 366 meters into the air, overlooking the villages of Kastraki and Kalambaka in north-central Greece.

The historical monasteries placed along these cliffs give them a more iconic look. These date back to the 14thb and 16th centuries and were built by monks seeking to have spiritual fulfillment away from the world and persecution.


It was traditionally called Morea, meaning mulberry leaf. The name suited its large leaf-like look. The Rio-Antirrio bridge connects the wide peninsula to the mainland. It has classical Greek temples, Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses, and Mycenaean palaces as major attractions.

Thus, Greece forms an excellent vacation for the wanderlust soul trapped in their households for months due to the Covid-19 lockdown. The variety of places, cultures, tourism facilities, cuisines, and infrastructures that Greece offers to travelers is a perfect recipe for fun and self-introspection and also to a romantic getaway. So, travelers must start packing their brains and their bags for a possible vacation to the land of the ancient Greeks.

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