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Planning a Private Bus Tour of LA’s Best Sites

The name Los Angeles basically translates to “the city of Angels”. It is a city deeply embedded in art and history. It is also the place where all the famous movies are made. There are so many locations here in L.A that have been used by different movie sets and actors for filming their iconic scenes. Apart from this, L.A has a rich cultural history and a thriving art scene that is intriguing and inspiring at the same time.

When touring L.A, you can either carpool with your friends or you can simply charter Los Angeles bus rentals so that you can get your personal bus tour of the amazing city. Depending on how many people will be joining you on this trip, you need to choose from among the several bus options available out there. But if this is your first time planning a trip like this and you have no idea about the different charter buses types, here is a small guide that should help you make your choice:

Charter buses are usually buses rented out by a company for different tour groups like sports teams, your private tour group for L.A, corporate retreats, wedding shuttle services, airport shuttle services and much more. These buses come with very professional drivers who know their way around the city or state, and are rented out on the basis of miles, number of days and destination. There is a small amount of deposit you have to pay while booking it and you’re good to go. Now, depending upon the number of people traveling with you, you can go through the options of a coach bus, minibus, party bus, school bus or an entertainer bus.

<H2>The luxurious Coach bus</H2>

A coach bus is very large and seats around sixty to seventy people at once. It has bathrooms on board, air conditioning, reclining seats and luggage space beneath the bus floor. It has add-ons like Wi-Fi, television and power outlets for your chargers. Coach buses are mostly used by sports teams or for corporate retreats.

<H2>The Minibus</H2>

Minibusses are a great option if there are around twenty people traveling together. They don’t have reclining seats and bathrooms, but that won’t be that big a deal as you will be touring the city all the time and you can use public restrooms during pit stops. Minibusses are ideal for a day trip and can be used as a private tour bus for L.A hopping.

<H2>The good old school bus</H2>

School buses are also rented out for tour groups. They are mostly used for field trips by schools and colleges. It can seat around 30 or more children easily, is safeguarded against most emergencies, has professionally trained drivers and is basically designed keeping the children’s safety in mind, making it the perfect option if you are planning on touring with your class.

<H2>The Party bus</H2>

A Party bus can be used if you’re in the mood to groove. They have seats along the edge of the bus and are decorated with lights inside. The music system is amazing. They are usually used for New Year Eve parties or for bachelor/bachelorette parties.

<H2>The Entertainer</H2>

An Entertainer is the epitome of a “private” bus tour. It is luxury on wheels. There are sleeping bunks, a lounge, a kitchen, and a bathroom plus a master suite. It can seat around eight to ten people. Celebrities usually use this bus while on tours. But it is L.A and, if you are in the city of the famous, there’s no harm is feeling like one.

While on your LA tour, one good place to start would be the Griffith Observatory, especially if you love the stars. This place was used to shoot scenes from the Terminator. You can visit Santa Monica pier where many other iconic scenes were shot for different movies. Next to the pier, there is a small fair where there are rides, bookshops, and bakeries. This is where you can buy some souvenirs for your friends if you live away from L.A. You can go shopping in Rodeo Drive, visit Disneyland, hit up some craft breweries for some amazing beer tasting. You can visit the Universal Studios as well. Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to visit and see the famous Hollywood Sign.


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