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The planet is peppered with tropical romantic locations, from the sparkling seas of the Maldives to the snow-capped peaks of Jammu and Cashmir. Although towns like Paris and Rome are more common for romantic travel, couples can also go to other less crowded yet similarly beautiful destinations. Venice’s food and wine shopping, the charm of the sunsets in Santorini, the intimate tango experience in Buenos Aires, the paved path of Bruges with your loved one–these are the most romantic places in the world for an unforgettable Valentine’s day.

The Maldives

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This is an intimate dining on the Azure Seas than a candlelight and is at one of the bungalows along the edge of the water. The Maldives is a place with uncontaminated beaches shaded by large Palms, where you can sit and enjoy countless chats, waiting for long hours, enjoying the picturesque sunset. Easily one of the world’s most exotic archipelagos, the Maldives is so beautiful, privately owned and decadent, for an unforgettable holiday with others.

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Jammu and Kashmir is possibly India’s most scenic destination, having earned its nickname as a paradise on Earth because of its snow-capped peaks and the fog-gulfed valleys. Book a houseboat journey on Srinagar’s glistening Dal Lake waters, admire Gulmarg’s famous gondola ride over snow-capped Himalayan peaks, or walk hand in hand in the lush Pahalgam countryside— J&K is a mixture of several orchestrated romantic and wonderful encounters.

Santorini, Greece

The beauty of Greece’s ancient world brings visitors from all over the globe. Santorini is an island in Greece that not only fills you with sunsets and sparkling seas, but it overwhelms you with the white-washed Cycladic houses, breathtaking blue-dome temples, calm alleys and a vivid skyline. Santorni is a beautiful Greek island and has all it takes for that which makes it a renowned romantic location.

Paris, France

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Paris is really an amateur area. A visit to this region is like a stroll into a picture, with evocative buildings, lined streets and romantic atmosphere. Look at the sun on the banks of the Seine, ascend the Eiffel to see the most beautiful views on the skyline. Look out for yourself and your kid in a glass of champagne, sit on the peak of the buildings or just get lost in the labyrinth of the cobblestone paths.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is truly enchanting host to pristine beaches with white sands, stunning mountains, lush rice fields and magnificent temples. Wine and dine in a cabana by the turquoise blue sea, appreciate a couple’s bundle of sunlight, see the spectacular sunsets on Uluwatu, take a walk on rice paddles, or visit Indonesian Island’s beautiful areas — Bali easily tops the romantic destination list in the South, with so many romantic encounters.

Seville, Spain

Seville quickly oozes passion, beauty and sophistication as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Wander in a quintessential romantic way through Seville’s Old City. Visit charming restaurants in the maze of cobblestone streets or wine and dine on a candlelit table in the waters of the river.

Venice, Italy

Drive through the Rialto Bridge hand in hand, relax with a bottle of Venetian champagne, have a candlelight dinner on the pier or go for a sightseeing romantic trip in a dreamlike town of Burano. Venice is very popular with the quintessential romantics with the expertise of artisans, chefs, whip up mouthwatering dishes and musicians that mix everything from classical styles to rock.

Vienna, Austria

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Its magnificent Baroque palaces, spectacular cathedrals, lovely trams and cafés hidden in smaller avenues, Vienna overwhelms endlessly fascinating tourists. In fact, there is a variety of views, seating outs by the shore and a selection of operations on the quiet Danube river that runs through that Austrian town. Nothing here is not romantic! There is nothing here.

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