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Saranda: A Piece of Heaven On Earth Which Can Be Found In Albania

With a glorious historical presence, Albania is a country situated in Southeast Europe surrounded by the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. Being one of the underrated places in Europe, it is deprived of the limelight that it truly deserves. It is a country that has witnessed a number of civilizations such as the Byzantines, Romans, Ottomans, and so on. But it was not until recently that travel enthusiasts started acknowledging this place as a perfect European getaway. Now, this scenic place gets a lot of visitors and the locals are extremely hospitable as well.

One of the best places to visit in this country is undoubtedly the lost town of Saranda. Known as a fishing village, this town has now successfully converted itself into a prosperous city. Travelers are attracted to this town because of its old-world charm and all the other beaches are easily accessible from here. For people with a knack for places that are unheard of, this Albanian Riviera town is their calling. 

While visiting this town, remember to take out time for a few  Saranda attractions that are breathtakingly beautiful. These are the five places that cannot be missed in Saranda:

  • Mirror Beach Saranda

This quaint natural beach lies to the south of Saranda and is preferred by visitors who wish to spend some quiet time amidst nature. It is located on the way to Ksamil village and has received great feedback from travelers. It is a great place to simply bask in the sunlight and take in all the natural beauty around. Surrounded by cliffs, this place provides a soothing effect as the only thing present is the calming water of the beach.

  • Forty Saints Monastery

Not only is this town picturesque, but it also has a direct link with ancient Saranda history. This place derives its name from the monastery of ‘forty saints’ which was built way back in the 15th century. These ‘forty saints’ are believed to be the ‘forty martyrs’ who were killed for not giving up Christianity. Although the monastery has been reduced to ruins today, it should be visited for the panoramic view that it offers.

  • Old Synagogue

The remains of this Saranda synagogue date back to the 5th or 6th century A.D. This is the place where the Jewish community took shelter to avoid being taken to the concentration camps during World War II. It was their safe house and even today, people visit this place to admire the mosaics on the floor and look back upon history. Hence, this place is a must-visit while staying in Saranda.

  • Bulevardi Hasan Tahsini

Since Saranda is a coastal city, its magic lies in this street along the sea. This boulevard has been recently beautified and it offers a great view of the sea. Many cafes are located along this street where evenings can be enjoyed while admiring the deep blue waters ahead. This place is also perfect for walks as the weather always remains pleasant.

  • Syri Kalter

Known as the ‘Blue Eye’ in English, this is a natural spring in Saranda’s hilly region. The highlight of this place is the way the sunlight makes its way into the spring, which gives rise to a shade of deep blue. This phenomenon makes the water sparkle, hence making it look like an ‘eye’. This entire place is protected by sycamore and oak trees, thereby making it all the more attractive and charming.

For those who wish to get the best of the beach and the city life, they should definitely opt for Saranda. It is a place that will help in rejuvenating you while enhancing your historical knowledge, and fulfilling all of your gastronomical desires. But do make sure to visit during the summers to make the most of the beauty around the beaches.

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