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Seven luxurious places to nestle in at St. Barts

A flashy jamboree or a closed door outing with a coterie of friends on the St. Bart islands isn’t a bad idea; that too when Christmas and New Year are inching closer. And when you are flying all the way to a picturesque place like St. Bart, you wouldn’t want your stay to be a normal, boring one. You would obviously want it to be lavish, luxurious, and flamboyant. So, before you start racking your brains over your where-to-stay list, we have something to offer you on your platter. We are here with a list of seven of the best places to stay in St. Barts. These are undoubtedly the choicest of luxurious retreats on which you can zero in for a cozy and comfortable stay during your vacation in this beautiful region.

1. Belle Etoile:

Location: Vitet, St. Barts
Price: $2,487/ night

Belle Etoile is a perfect blend of comfort and flamboyance. Facing the hillside, this place gives you an amazing view. Placed in the capital city of Gustavia, this luxury rental helps you make the most of your stay. Its location allows one to soak in the feel of the city, not only in terms of its aesthetics but also in other activities such as hiking, nightlife, etc. The ones who are into arts and aesthetics would love their stint here, especially because of its décor. It’s not over the top. It’s elegant, classy and subtle. It has a minimalistic color palette which inevitably allows the bright blues of the ocean and the striking greens of the palm trees to garner one’s attention. It’s designed in such a way which primarily focuses on the ocean. It’s a perfect blend of architecture and nature. To cut it short, it will help you make the most of the beautiful Carribean climate.

2. Marigot Bay

Location: Marigot, St. Barts
Price: $500 – $2857/ night

Are you one of those who likes to laze around while on a vacation? Then this place is tailor-made for you. Why did you ask? Well, it provides a panoramic view of the ocean. Located on the Marigot beach this two bedroom villa offers you an infinity pool. It also has a veranda that runs the length of the villa and overlooks the bay, thus offering a picturesque view. And what more? It’s pretty affordable, plus the staff takes care of each and every aspect of your stay.

3. La Magnifica:

Location: Deve, St. Barts
Price: $563 – $1560

Living up to its name, La Magnifica indeed makes your stay magnificent. This villa is certainly one of the sought after villas of St Bart. It offers you a panoramic view of the bay of the Petit Cul De Sac. It features two bedrooms on different floors that can comfortably take in four guests. It also has an outdoor pool so you can nibble on a toothsome alfresco meal by the side of the pool in an evening. It has a minimalist décor with soft neutral tones, white furnishings, and wooden accents.

4. Heloa:

Location: Pointe Milou, St. Barts
Price: $ 393 – $1929

Want to make the most of the Carribean sunshine, Villa Heloa is definitely your cup of tea. Situated near Lorient and Marigot beaches, it offers you the best view. It has three queen-sized bedrooms; all of them being air-conditioned. Plus the bedrooms have got other amenities such as flatscreen televisions, ensuite bathrooms with showers, etc. All three bedrooms offer magnificent ocean views.

5. Upside:

Location: Pointe Milou, St. Barts
Price: $571 – $2,571

The three bedroom villa has a contemporary décor, a magnificent sea view and an infinity pool to die for. What makes the pool more special is its view. It looks out over the Point Milou hillside. It’s indeed one of the must-see vacation rentals of St. Barts. Plus, it also offers a homely meal, especially when it comes to meals. It provides you freshly cooked meals with the right amount of ingredients which makes it toothsome as well as healthy. Its sleek furnishings, vaulted ceilings, and stylish décor pieces add to its beauty. It’s a three-bedroom villa, divided between two levels and can easily accommodate six people.

6. Acamar:

Location: Toiny, St. Barts
Price: $1,357 – $ 7,143

Situated in the heights of Toiny, this villa offers you a view which can be called a marvel. It offers a view of the ocean and the lush green hills. Plus you get into a lot of activities here. Be it flexing your body at the exercise room or playing a billiards or pool, it makes your stay fun-filled. Villa Acamar has three bedrooms, luxurious living space and also a reading corner. So if you are not in a mood to go out there and enjoy, you can cocoon yourself in a couch and page through your favorite books.

7. Ti Chato

Location: Toiny, St. Barts
Price: $400 – $1714

Overlooking the beautiful Toiny Bay, this place is perfect to relax with friends and family. It has an expansive deck facing the water. It has an outstanding pool, a barbecue and a shaded al-fresco dining area. The two bedrooms at Ti Chato have en-suite bathrooms and king-size beds, one of which can be converted into two twin beds. This villa is a perfect escape for honeymooners.

So, now that you are aware of some the luxurious rentals of St. Barts, making the most of the Carribean island wouldn’t be a tough nut to crack that too at affordable rates. Pack your bags, pull up your socks and your favorite accessories to fly all the way down to St. Barts.

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