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Take a Food Tour in Seoul

While in Korea, immerse yourself in the customized cuisines of South Korean food, from bibimbap to adventurous street food markets you could get lost in if you dared to venture without a local guide helping you visit the best stalls! South Korea’s food scene is known for being delightfully informal, and delicacies in South Korea are all about finding your fondest flavours. Chow down on lip-smacking meals served with dozens of toppings, light and crispy Korean fried chicken flavoured with a small-batch craft beer, smooth glass noodles stirred with vibrant salad and the assorted colourful iterations of kimchi. Re-discover the delish diversity and legacy of the rich culinary scene reward your taste-buds on a Food Tour in Seoul.

On this 3-hour food tour in one of the most renowned and traditional areas in Seoul, the Jongno District, you can explore the cultural delights and an assortment of authentic and popular Korean food, as well as alcohol. Your tour-guide will accompany you to three different restaurants that allow you to try out unique dishes such as Korean barbecue, Budaejjigae, traditional pancakes, chicken stew along with many others, focusing on exquisite food paradise and exclusive, curated experiences allowing the tourists to experience culture through diverse menu.

Despite Korean cuisine seeming dauntingly variegated, your taste buds could soon be tingling just with a little bold experimentation. There are also Seoul walking tours that allow you to dive into the local restaurants, food stalls, and food markets, as well as popular night dining tours where you can slurp, crunch and gobble your way into the belly of South Korea.

Seoul Tour details:

This tour is designed for those who want to dip into the bustling Jongno District while tasting a variety of unique Korean delicacies and at the same time, learning about Korean culture through anecdotes shared by local guides.

Tour Activities: 7:00 A.M – 10:00 PM

Minimum Number of People to Operate: 2
Maximum Number of People to Operate: 10
Inclusion: Korean BBQ Restaurant, Traditional rice cake, Gwangjang Market


1st Stop— Korean Barbeque Restaurants:

This stop allows you to grab a bite of local dishes as you travel around Jongro area, including Korean pork barbecue, deep-fried dumplings, Sikhye(Korean traditional cold drinks), and handmade ice-cream among others. You get to indulge your culinary senses with the best barbecueSeoul has on offer.


  • Enjoy Authentic Korean BBQ
  • Trying Korean-style Cocktail
  • Introduction to Table Manners in Korea

2nd Stop— Traditional Rice Cake:

In this part of the trip, you can experience the uncompromising way Korean chefs are devoted to making traditional rice cakes. They also have unique varieties such as black soybean milk, pumpkin sikhye, traditional sikhye, a traditional Korean drink fermented in sugar with fruit, and even a flower rice cake. Tourists also get to taste special, authentic rice cakes like cylinder shaped rice cakes, black sesame and sweet pumpkin. They’re trying How versatile the humble rice cake dough can be, with the purest taste is shown in this section of the trip. There are numerous traditional drinks and teas to try, so it’s a wonderful place to taste traditional Korean food—all under the same roof.


  • History of Traditional Rice Cake
  • Introduction of Traditional Korean Drinking Manners.

3rd Stop— Gwanjang Market:

If you love Korean food, you shouldn’t miss eating your way through Gwangjang Market. This is one of the ultimate places to experience traditional Korean street food and culture, where both tourists and Koreans are found enjoying the same mouth-watering food.

There are a couple of sections of the market where you’ll come across stalls selling clothes, fresh vegetables, and other random stuff, but the primary purpose of the market is dedicated to street-food, set up like some sort of an indoor food court, or a food warehouse. After walking around for a while, you’re likely to notice that there are a few variants of stalls selling a similar assortment of dishes, all of which, eventually, will look so good that you’re bound to be faced with the paradox of choice. So, you’ll just have to sit down at the nearest stall and start stuffing your face!


  • Explore Gwanjang Market
  • History of Gwangjang Market
  • Playing Korean Drinking Games

4. Myeongdong Street Food Alley

Myeongdong might be one of Seoul’s most well-known shopping districts, but it’s also a go-to for foodies looking to try out the country’s most unique and creative street foods. Here, thousands of tourists crowd around countless carts to gorge on a wide variety of sweets and treats. In addition to the classics, visitors can enjoy lip-smacking dishes such as grilled lobster, tteokgalbi meatballs, fried milk, strawberry mochi, and fresh pomegranate juice, among others.

5. Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market is the place to be for food, festivities, and a whole lot of outdoor fun. Held on every Friday and Saturday evenings from March to October at the Yeouido Hangang Park and Banpo Hangang Park by the Han River, the city-organized market is just the place to shop for unique handmade accessories by local artists, enjoy a concert, and most importantly delve deeper into the city’s budding food-truck culture. With more than 50 food trucks lined up serving up tasty treats ranging from Koreanized tacos, steak-in-a-cup to Cuban sandwiches and lobster rolls, you’re sure to find something to satiate your hunger pangs.

6. Tongin Market 

Conveniently located to the west of Gyeongbokgung Palace is Tongin Market, one of Seoul’s most breathtaking traditional markets. While it may on first impression come across as a typical market, it also doubles as an important historical landmark, as it was established for Japanese residents in 1941 when Korea was under Japanese rule. In recent years, its popularity has been revitalized owing to its Doshirak Café, where you can get a lunchbox to fill with whichever market snacks you’d wish, for just 5,000 won (about $5.00). Foods on offer include tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), pajeon (savory pancakes), dumplings, and a wide variety of kimchi, among a variety of items on the menu.

7. Namdaemun Market

Dating back to the 1400s, Namdemun is not only Seoul’s oldest market, but also double as the largest with more than 10,000 stalls, vendors and restaurants lining the countless blocks of car-free streets. Whether you’re looking for trinkets, jewellery, traditional handicrafts, luggage, stationery, hiking gear, camera partsyou’re sure to find what you seek, and at an affordable price. No visit to Namdaemun Market is complete without sampling its cuisines. For a one-stop dining experience, swerve through the market’s Food Alley, where a variety of Korean classics are on offer. From steamed corn and dakkochi (chicken skewers) to the more adventurous sundae (blood sausage) and jokbal (pigs’ feet), there’s no dearth of delicious street treats in this amazing place.

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