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The 7 best countries to travel to in 2020

It’s never too early to plan your next holiday.

In its annual Best for Travel list, Lonely Planet announced the best destinations for Europe 2020— and because of the various locations, each form of traveler has something to sell.

Lonely Planet paid attention to best green travel experiences during this year’s version, ensuring that visitors will have a positive effect wherever they go.

Travel down to the top countries of Lonely Planet in 2020.


Uruguay is the tenth most important country in 2020.

The nation, recognized as “progressive, prosperous, safe and culturally sophisticated,” provides visitors with countlosing unique experiences, from vibrant, traditional Montevideo Streets to friendly hot springs and relaxing seaside towns.

“There is a little well-deserved recognition of the smallest nation in South America after two hundred years of living in the darkness of its neighbors,’ said Lonely Planet.


Tour the ancient cities, enjoy days-long camel trips to the sand dunes of Erg Chigaga and stroll through the High Atlas mountains to see panoramic views, and travelers can be enchantered with countless adventure opportunities!

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“Morocco has a hundred faces and sounds that are ready to welcome tourists in pursuit of spice and fun,” reads the website of Lonely Planet.


Sapo National Park is one of the best parks in West Africa, and tourists can consider it in Liberia. Wildlife from tropical birds, monkeys, woodland elephants and pygmy hippos are present in the protected tropical rainforests.

The nation also has popular surfing areas, white sand beaches and trendy shops for tourists.

“Tourism may play an enormous role if travel restrictions are lifted” according to Lonely Planet, a land bouncing back from Ebola.

The Netherlands

Join the Netherlands for its world class art history and museum, its perfectly flat bike paths across canals and through tulip fields, or for Amsterdam’s beauty and nightlife. It’ll take your breath away regardless of the reason.

“Each year between March and May, about two thirds of the land are for planting,” said Lonely Planet, “which include the magnificent fields of rainbow of crocus, jacinths, hyacinths and tulips, that burst into bloom.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, from coffee to epic surfing, is loved for many reasons.

It is also noteworthy because it depends on renewable sources of energy. 90% of its electricity is provided by renewable energy sources including wind and hydro. It is also one of the most biodiversely rich countries in the world–host to half a million animals.

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Of reality, without a return to the Sloth Sanctuary, there’s no ride to Costa Rica.


Eswatini, formerly referred to as Swaziland, presents nature, mountain views, pineapple and sugar cane valleys, and outstanding craftsmen to tourists.

The best bet is to see a rhinos: Mkhaya Game Reserve says that you’re more likely than anywhere else in Africa to see a rhinos there.


Tourists know the whitesand reefs, the blue waters and the laid-back resorts of this Caribbean journey.

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The temperatures of Aruba normally hover about 80 degrees— it seems to be too nice to go down to rain. Once you have a boat you can find endless chances for snorkeling and scuba diving like the USS Antilla, an underwater WWII US Navy ship.

It has enticing green initiatives, such as a plan to ban all single-use sunscreens and plastics by 2020.

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