The Best Beaches in Barbados

Barbados is recognized internationally for its elegance, warmth and natural beauty— with the stunning beaches of course that render this island a sanctuary. Yet Barbados is much to the east than sunbathing and swimming in the fresh sea (although both things are encouraged), so it’s not the finest breaks east of Fiji that preserves the easternmost country in the Caribbean, Barbados, like many island countries. Luckily, both newcomers and experienced surfers will locate beaches, as well as plenty of beach bars.

Batts Rock Beach, Saint Michael Parish

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Batts Rock Beach is popular with snorkelers and near the Bajan Bridgetown destination. The waves are gentle and ideal for newcomers who want to test their skills at 10. The Burkie Surf School is suggested to sign up for a test. The team partner, Alan Burke, is Barbados ‘ first-ever surfer. Then take a drink at La Cabane, a chic open-air beach restaurant.

Paynes Bay Beach, Saint James Parish

Start off at Paynes Bay Beach in Saint James Parish for the high waters on the boat for a catamaran sunset. The sandy coastline gives a wonderful view of the sunset and we highly suggest booking a space at The House Barbados. The luxury hotel’s first-class service on the Island is iconic, so when you are on the Beach Ambassador, we recommend you make use of this plan so optimize your downtime while you lounge under the Caribbean sun on the seaside.

Animal Flower Cave, Saint Lucy Parish

Barbados has much to do than just sandy beaches, and the proof has Animal Flower Cave. The shoreline from above is like the spectacular Ireland cliffs, with waves smashing into the surrounding walls. Buy a guide fare at the entrance of the cave under the floor. Take a dive in the ponds overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, pretending that you are Rihanna, where, after the entire, the native Bajan shot one of her music videos. (Wear sneakers for this journey!)

Crane Beach, Saint Philip Parish

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Crane Beach is historically a harbor and is known not only in Barbados but around the world as one of the most stunning beaches. We recommend that when we hit the sandy coast, we draw on the iconic waves. But if you feel a little less busy, there is no better way to spend an afternoon than to chill by the glad line.

Bottom Bay Beach, Saint Philip Parish

The amazingly stunning Bottom Bay Beach is situated just south of Crane Cove. The coastline is renowned for the rosy reef walls, the sunbathing and drinking beach in the tropical picture. Travelers will be admonished to be very good at surfing, and tourists can schedule surfing lessons and swimming tours elsewhere. Make sure to watch out for the tortoises that traverse the beach and the dolphins that sprout free.

Harrismith Beach, Saint Philip Parish

It is within walking distance to the sandy beach of Bottom Bay Beach and Harrismith beach is open to visitors. This stunning coastline is renowned for being so spectacular that, before the rest of the planet wake up and stroll down this gorgeous coastline, you can go there early to set up your favorite spot.

Archers Bay Beach, Saint Lucy Parish

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The isolation of Archers Bay Beach rejoices travelers searching for some peace and calm. This small beach ensures that the coastline is marginally smaller, so only a few people will find a room at a time. Therefore, it is advised that you get up early and assume your spot for the day. Given the low, peaceful environment of this resort, no lifeguard is in operation and tourists should be vigilant while swimming in the ocean.

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