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The Best Day Trips to Take From Delhi

One of Delhi’s great things is that it is fairly close to the mountains and many other tourist attractions. Everyone has something to do with culture, ecology, history and entertainment. Read on to discover the best day trips from Delhi when you think of leaving the town and visiting the world around you.

If you are in Delhi for the first two weeks of February, don’t skip the annual International Crafts Mela (fair) day trip to Surajkund in Haryana. There are also shows by traditional artists as well as crafts from across India.

Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri

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Do you want to see the Taj Mahal but don’t spare a lot of time? It can be seen from Delhi on a day ride. It is also possible to add a dose of history to the abandoned town of Fatehpur Sikhri in Agra Fort (it is more spectacular than the red fortified town in Delhi). The train from Delhi to Agra is simple, and you can take an Express Train in the morning and complete the journey in less than two hours. Here are the best train options, even for the night’s return trip. Nonetheless, it’s more economical to hire a car and a driver while you intend to see several attractions. See these top places for options in and around Agra. Often famous are private day driving tours from Delhi. This critical Taj Mahal travel guide provides more information.


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In less than three hours the ride to Vrindavan can be rendered by the Yamuna Expressway from Delhi. Vrindavan is on the road to Agra and can be included as a stop if you hire a car and driver from Delhi (though you really should spent a day there). This holy spot, across the Uttar Pradesh River, is said to have spent Lord Krishna’s youth and adolescence. He killed demons during that period and started his esteemed love company with Radha. Vrindavan is quiet and pleasant compared to nearby Mathura, where Krishna was born. The city has a distinct godliness which gives you a spiritual feeling. Please visit the thousands of temples of different sizes by wandering along the narrow streets. Later in the afternoon, go to Kesi Ghat for the ceremony of sunset aarti (fire worship). Rent a boat and go over the river to see it magically. If you have time, visit the temple complex in Kusum Sarovar close to Govardhan, 30 minutes away.

Neemrana Fort Palace

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Approximately two hours and a half west of Delhi on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, Rambling 15th century Neemrana fort Palace neglected historic town of Neemrana, in the Rajasthan hills of Aravel. It was Prithviraj Chauhan III, ruler of the Rajput Chauhan Dynasty, the third capital city. The fortress was restored in the 1980s and transformed into a luxurious heritage hotel that was frequently visited for lunch on a day trip from Delhi. The cost per person is 1.600 rupees on a weekday (from 9:30 to 14:30 pm) and 1.900 rupees on a weekend, including access and buffet from 12:30 to 14:30 h. When you feel curious, you can go over it and the village after lunch and look around the fort palace. Don’t want to stop in the fort palace for lunch? Free entry can be gained by zip-lining andpre-booking.


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Would you like to see more castles and forts? You’ll enter Alwar in Rajasthan on a three-hour drive south of Delhi. There is a City Palace complex from the 18th century with a government museum (closed on Fridays), which highlights the extravagant lifestyle of the rulers. Behind the City Palace is Sagar lake and the most physically stunning of all are the many chhatris, dome-shaped pavilions. Bala Quila, one of the few forts in Rajasthan that had to be built before the Mughals ‘ rising, stands above the city palace in the 16th century. It is poorly maintained and most of the sections unavailable, Sadly. When you have time, the Department of Forest operates popular jeep safaris on leopard routes.

Sultanpur National Park

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One of India’s finest refugies for bird watching is the Sultanpur National Park. While not very large, in the Gurgaon district, Haryana, it is conveniently located near Delhi. This takes approximately an hour and a half to get there. So, if you don’t want to spend some time in nature, Sultanpur is a good option for day trips in Rajasthan, if you can’t visit the Keoladeo Ghana National park (formerly the Bharatpur bird sanctuary). The park hosts native and migratory species, some from Siberia. It has a visitor entrance, a circular footpath and four observatory towers. Note that it is closed on Tuesdays and usually from June to August or September during the breeding season.

Kingdom of Dreams

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Kingdom of Dreams is a leading theme park in India and an excellent live entertainment venue in Gurgaon, about an hour south of Delhi. This incorporates Indian culture as well as the performing arts. Trek through Culture Gully’s elaborate arts, crafts, and gastronomy boulevard. Select foods from different Indian states. Then, get a live concert from Bollywood. It is available from 1 p.m. from Tuesday through Sunday. Around 1 o’clock.

Rewari Railway Heritage Museum

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You’re a fan of the train? Don’t skip an Indian Steam Express day ride. Twice per month, from October to April, this iconic tourist train takes visitors from Delhi to Haryana’s Rewari Railway Heritage Museum. It’s pulled off the “oldest steam locomotive in normal operation worldwide,” which makes it really rare. If you can not ride on the ship, you still can see the museum’s locomotive, where it is stored when it is not in operation. At 9 a.m. every day it’s available. At 5 p.m. and free entry. The southwest of Delhi is only a few hours away from Rewari.

Pratapgarh Farms

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If there are girls, you’re going to love a day out on the outskirts of Gurgaon to Pratapgarh Farms. This famous “urban farm” provides a pleasant ethnic village experience for the whole family. There are kitchenware, candy, candy, carts, tractor rides, painting, weaving, applied hennas, head massages, mud baths, lots of traditional games, wild and leisurely animals, farm tours and unlimited delicious foods. There are also a lot of local products. For individuals, the costs are 1,140 rupees per person and for infants, include 650 rupees. This gives party experiences in Thrillophilia.

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