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The Best Kept Gastronomical Secrets of Uruguay

Gastronomical Secrets of Uruguay

Whoever visits countries in South American, is fascinated by the diversity that this continent possesses. With a plethora of unique places waiting to be discovered, South America is nothing short of a paradise in itself. Though it is true that countries like Argentina and Brazil appeal to tourists more, smaller countries such as Uruguay deserve to be under the spotlight.

Boasting a literacy rate of 98.7 %, one of the world’s highest, Uruguay is one of the safest countries with unending places to visit. Along with its hospitality, pristine beaches, and wine, the food of Uruguay is what makes this country all the more attractive than it already is. Offering a platter full of savories, travelers will not seem to get enough of its gastronomical richness.

While on a trip to Uruguay, trying these delicacies is a must:


This is Uruguay food which comes with a classic taste owing to its burst of flavors. The meaning of the Spanish word ‘Milanesa’ is a piece of meat that is layered with bread and then fried. It has a host of variations that are equally lip-smacking.

It could be consumed as a pizza, known as Milanesa a la Napolitana, or have it as a sandwich with mayonnaise, tomato slices, ham, and lettuce called the Milanesa en dos panes. This dish is easily available at cafes and restaurants across Uruguay and it passes off as a full meal.

Arroz con Reche 

As fancy as this name might seem, this food from Uruguay literally translates to ‘rice with milk’ in English. A spoonful of this dish is known to instantly revive all sorts of memories that have been left behind while growing up.

Apart from rice and milk, this simple dessert consists of other ingredients such as eggs, sugar, vanilla, and a pinch of cinnamon for that aromatic flavor. This dish does not come with any strict rules and can be served hot or cold, whichever is more appealing to the person eating it.


One of the most popular and delicious Uruguay foods, the Asado cannot be missed at any cost. It is a traditional barbecue gathering of the country which comprises all kinds of meat namely beef, pork, chicken and lamb. It is safe to say that this dish is almost synonymous with the identity of the nation.

The Asador is the person who leads the cooking of the meat and the grill on which the cooking is done is called the parrilla. Since it is almost like a celebration, the Asado is best enjoyed in the company of a big group of people. Other side dishes include vegetables, salad, and beverages.

Torta Fritas

Considered the best partner on a rainy day, the torta fritas is a snack which can be munched on almost any time. An all-time favourite street food in Uruguay, this fried dish is very easy to prepare and is a staple in every Uruguayan household.

Simple ingredients for this delicacy include flour, salt, animal fat or butter, and water. Once these are mixed to achieve a dough, small portions of it are then deep-fried which then gives it a rich golden color. It can be eaten as a sweet dish with sugar/jam or even as a salty snack.

Capeletis a la Caruso

Lastly, this Uruguay food is another most popular dish across the country due to its lip-smacking taste and flavors. The Capeletis a la Caruso is primarily a pasta-based dish, but it has an Uruguayan touch to it. It is filled with meat to the brim which elevates its succulence all the more.

This is a delicacy that is a favorite during family gatherings and its garnishing is an Uruguay exclusive which is a sauce prepared with onions, ham, mushrooms, cheese, cream and not to forget meat juices.

The Uruguay food platter is so diverse, that it could be a little difficult to finally decide on which one to try first. Each dish is prepared with a lot of thought and all the ingredients have a story to tell.

The above-mentioned dishes are only a few chosen ones from among all the savory food in Uruguay so that whoever visits the country with limited time at least gets to experience the classic taste of the country. But if there is someone with the intention of discovering the Uruguay cuisine to the fullest, then they are in for a gastronomical comatose.

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