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The Best Places to See and Enjoy in Serbia

The country of Serbia is located in the south- eastern part of Balkan Peninsula of Europe. Here, you find the ranges of the northern plateaus and the mountains. This is the capital city of Belgrade. Among the Serbia attractions, you can admire the architecture of the communist era. There are more things to see like the Kalemegdan Park, and the Belgrade Fortress.

The place holds the best of the Serbia attractions. You can find the remains of Ottoman, Roman and the Byzantine empires. There is the old city known as Stari Grad, and here you find the 19th-century mansions along with the ballet and the plus opera at the National Theater of Narodno Pozorište.


Some of the major Serbia attractions are listed below:

Fruska Gora National Park

As part of the Serbia Attractions, you can perfectly visit Fruska Gora National Park. This stands in the countryside of the city. This is known as Serbia’s farming heartland. The maize fields at the place attract the attention of the locals and the tourists.

This is one of the best Serbia Attractions, and the place is known for the growth of palms and raspberries. In fact, the National Park is known for the reason of agriculture. The part of the land is known as the ‘Jewel of Serbia’.

Sokobanja Tourist Spot

The second place in the list of Serbia Attractions is Sokobanja. This is the sort of town settlement, and it is even known to be the spa as part of the Sokobanja Municipality. This is known to be the most attractive recreational spot in Serbia.


The land stands at a height of 400 meters above the sea level. Through the land of Sokobanja, runs the river of Sokobanjska Moravica. The place is known for the reason of spa tourism. Among the Serbia Attractions, this one is the most famous and the notable spa tourism meant for the tourists.

The Lepenski Vir

Of all the special Serbia Attractions, it is time to know about Lepenski Vir. This is known as the most vital archaeological site. Here, you find the remains of the Balkan culture. The Mesolithic Iron Gate stands as part of the culture. The sculptors of the place are perfectly remarkable.

This is one of the most famous spots among all the Serbia Attractions. The place is specifically known for the reason of archaeological development. The place is known for the settlement of the ten satellite villages. At the place, you find the line of the piscine sculptures.

Speciality of Nis Skyline


Among the several Serbia Attractions, you need to know the name of Nis Skyline. The place is flooded with the most attractive and best-facilitated hotels. People here know good English. This makes communication easy in this part of Europe. At Nis, you find no mountains and no seas.

This is one of the most known Serbia Attractions full of specialities. People here are extremely friendly, and they can mix in the most natural way. This is the best place you can enjoy in summer. The tourists are sure to have the best time at the destination.

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