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The Best Ways To See America

America is a beautiful and vast country, yet tourists only see a small part of it. They head straight to New York, Los Angeles or Florida in their millions. But, what about the wonderful spirit of New Orleans? What about the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, or the buzz of Chicago? These are places in America that are less travelled, but equally marvelous. Today, I’ll look at some of the best ways to see all of America. It’s worth making time for this vast country, and seeing it properly. There’s so much, and you don’t want to miss a thing.

Road trip

The classic American road trip has been documented countless times on film and in books. The most obvious trip is the famous Route 66. Starting out in Chicago, it stretches right across the breadth of the country, finishing in Los Angeles. It’s the classic American route, and you’ll see everything from the open plains of Missouri to the deserts of Arizona. Take a reliable car, some friends, and take it slow. You’ll come across all sorts of things along the way, and see the real heart of the country.

City hopping

I must say, the internal, domestic flight system is the USA is pretty reliable. You can hop in and out of the biggest cities with relative ease. It’s a great way to see all the biggest cities on both the east and west coast. All you have to do is choose which cities to see, and make the reservations. You could take in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle on the west coast. Then, simply fly across to the east for New York, Boston, and Washington DC. Make the most of America’s flights, and see both coastlines.


The USA is, naturally, famous for its cities. However, its vast, open scenery is simply breathtaking. From the expansive, open deserts to the towering mountains of the Rockies, there’s a lot on offer. Getting right into the heart of it, is the only way to completely immerse yourself in nature. Backpacking or trekking through the established trails is a great way to see this side of the country. You can travel solo, or go with a group. The Pacific Coast trail and the Appalachian trail are two of the most popular, but you can choose from hundreds.

Bus tours

If hiking and backpacking sound a little too strenuous for you, then perhaps a coach trip is a better option! America is very well served by coaches, and you can pick them up in any city. It’s a cost effective way to travel, and you can typically drive through the night. Take a look at Gogo Charters to find out more about bus travel in the east and beyond. There’s nothing better than traveling through the night, and waking up in a new city!


Finally, it’s worth noting that the US has a fantastic railway network, linking all the major cities. Many of the longer journeys have sleeper cars too, so you get some rest and relaxation on your way.

What’s your favourite way to see America?

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Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed N

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