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Traveling And Staying Young At Heart

Travel and adventure aren’t just for the young. Staying active as we age is key to enjoying a healthy and productive life. While our old bones might not be up to steep hikes or terrifying heights, travel stimulates the mind and the heart and rewards us in many ways. Whether you walk the streets of a historic European city, or marvel at modern wonders, breathe in the clean mountain air or bask in the warm Caribbean sun, travel opens the world and reconnects all of us through understanding and acceptance.


  1. Traveling expands our horizons

Today so many of our interactions are done behind screens. Face-to-face is becoming more and more rare. Getting out of your comfort zone forces you to connect with humanity. Travel changes the dynamics and when we leave behind our routines we experience new things that stimulate our senses and encourages creative energies. Of course, the internet remains a great tool for planning! A quick search for all inclusive Jamaica resorts will give you an excellent selection of hotels that will suit any level of excitement.

  1. Traveling teaches us to be accepting

Whether we want to or not, travel makes us slow down and work with those around us for the best outcomes. We have to breathe deeply and accept that we aren’t always in control. This acceptance goes a long way to alleviating stress, rejuvenating the mind and gives us a chance to sit back and let circumstances unfold.

  1. Traveling makes us active

Travel by its very nature makes us move. Whether we are walking the streets of a small beachside town, negotiating prices for a tour or learning the dance steps to a local beat, we’re moving. We are active both with our minds and bodies.

It’s well proven that besides being good for our bodies, physical activity is also good for our brains. Foreign languages are particularly good for stimulating our brains, improving function and protecting against memory loss and diminished motor skills.

  1. Traveling helps understand new things

Discovery keeps us young. Learning new things and new ways of looking at things expands our understanding of the world around.

Traveling is education through experience. Travel shows us that while there are universal truths of love and kindness, generosity, and compassion, there are different paths to these universal ideals. And on these different journeys, it is possible to go in a hundred directions to end up at the same place.

  1. Traveling teaches appreciation

Appreciation for our home, our loved ones, delicious food, pleasant company, beautiful scenery, historical settings, art, music, dance, costumes, and languages. As we travel our world opens up, and we come to appreciate more and more about the beauty that surrounds us.

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Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed is a travel junkie who’s passionate about traveling and writing. He finished his Bachelor of Engineering in 2012, and as all typical engineers do, he had no clue what to do in life.

That is when he decided to combine his passions and start a travel blog. He wanted to travel far and wide, at the same time letting others know about the exotic places he discovered. That is how TheWanderingStar was born.

Thewanderingstar is a website dedicated to traveling and keeping its reader updated with the latest fads in the travel world. It is a concoction of wide-ranging topics such as diving, exotic destinations, travel tips, budget tips, and so on.

Though this started off with a single author, today it has multiple authors who have traveled to places unimaginable.

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