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The Most Romantic Places in Italy

You will be driven through picturesque seaside resorts, lush forests, beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, and ancient towns. You can easily understand why the country is one of the world’s most romantic destinations.

If the exchanging in “Lady and the Tramp” of a margarita pie is not enough in itself, then there are a great many towns and islands that certainly juice the romantics. It is not enough to exchange the margarita slice or the spaghetti platter.


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It’s a guaranteed Venice. The love birds in the old classic gondolas and vibrant river shops are gliding along the canals that render this town so scandalous. Since the earliest days, lovers have come here to marry, it seems. Enjoy the excitement of the visitor by whisking your day away to the little, cooler areas while you are there. Enjoy a gelato and visit (or stay) the popular “The Tourist” Danieli Hotel.

Lake Como

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Lake Como is as picturesque as it comes and is surrounded by beautiful villas and holiday towns, hills and mountains. Once only World leaders, the kings, and their best romantic friends visited the idyllic sliver of the coastline, but now it is the Hollywood equivalent of Italy, continuously impressing famous people like George Clooney on its cobbled alleys and luxurious villas. Bellagio is one of the most charming villages of the city, and it is known as the pearl, with its beautiful design and its terraces. Take a lakeside stroll or take a cable car from Como to Brunate for a two candlelit dinner.


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Positano is a famous Amalfi Coast city on Instagram. Visitors come to admire the bright houses, each of them built on a cliff looking like stairs to see the sea beyond. From beautiful beaches of Spiaggia Grande to the coves of Fornillo, pursue Lover’s Walk. Go cool down with your sweetheart into the blue Mediterranean or catch stunning sunrises in your side with a pecca gelato.


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In the mornings, when the day-trippers depart for Naples by ferry, this enchanting island is virtually beautiful and you just have the delightfulness and the splendor of Capri. The resort, full of stunning views and secluded coves, is full of fragrant flowers that smell the breeze. Anacapri, the smaller of the island’s two main towns, is the perfect location for lovers (and lovers of long walks, sunsets and good seafood too).


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The semi-moon-fashioned seaside resort Portofino is a haven for honeymooners with pastel-filled homes, waterfront restaurants, and sprinkler spray. The Portofino is situated on the Italian Riviera and offers a castle from the 16th century, a small romantic church and a view to the Ligurian Sea. Move a picturesque walk through a pine forest side in hand to the lighthouse. You might also want to tour Camogli and Portovenere, the other charming Riviera villages.


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The very balcony binding Shakespeare’s spouses, Romeo and Juliet, is found in Verona. Romantics come to the medieval city to see this iconic place and to rub Juliet’s right breast for luck. Although there is no definitive evidence that Shakespeare interacts with Verona, the tale is still a fun and romantic trip. Travel along the Adige River or lounge in the outdoor cafeteria at Piazza delle Erbe in the Romano’s open-air stadium, 2000 years of age.


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Sicily was the best destination to visit since it was part of the 19th century European Grand Tour. It is located next to Mount Tauro, with spectacular views to the coast and to Mount Etna (one of only 3 volcanoes active in Italy). Sicily is a popular tourist destination. It includes excellent beaches with warm, clear waters, a medieval quarter, remnants of the castle and an old Greek theater.

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