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The Top 10 Most Memorable Luxury Travel Destinations in the World

Luxury tourists desire more, are willing to pay more, and have higher expectations. These elegant worldwide locations, both old and new, understand and offer what luxury tourists desire. What are the items on your bucket list?

Irresistible Italy

You could spend the rest of your life only travelling around Italy and never grow tired. Where will you go next in “The Boot”? Venice is known for its alluring scenery, magnificent cathedrals, and luxurious hotels. For their beautiful Michelangelos and da Vincis, Rome and Florence? Tarquinia, near Rome, is famous for its sad Etruscan family graves. For its Armanis, Pradas, and Versaces, Milan? For pizza, should you go to Sicily or Naples, or should you go skiing in the Italian Alps? Or the coastal promenades (pictured) and cliffside hotels like Monastero Santa Rosa on the Amalfi Coast?

Italy Tours - Luxury, Small Group & Solo Travel | Classic Journeys

Paris, the City of Light

Paris is the most romantic city on the planet. From its ancient boulevards to its artistic nooks, it begs to be explored together.

Beautiful landmarks, fascinating museums, dignified hotels, exquisite restaurants, and enticing Parisian shops can be found everywhere in France’s capital.

Girafe – Luxury Restaurant in Paris by Joseph Dirand – Restaurant Interior  Design

Today’s Paris is a friendly place with hospitality professionals that are eager to communicate in our language. But one thing hasn’t changed: the more Parisian you feel, the better you dress in the city that invented fashion. And you’ll probably be able to live with it.

Imperial China

China, the sleeping dragon, has awoken and is screaming, and the world as we know it will never be the same. China’s entrepreneurial mega-nation has quickly developed a luxury tourism sector, and all of the world’s most prestigious luxury hotel brands are rushing to build pleasure domes in the country. In China’s thrillingly contemporary capitals of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, as well as developing destinations like Hangzhou, Sanya, and the retail centre of Shenzhen, posh hotels and resorts have arisen.

Imperial Chinese Cuisine: the evolution to fusion luxury cuisine | Tatler  Malaysia

Visitors come to China eager to learn about its customs, riches, and cuisine. The juxtaposition between China’s royal palaces and modern cityscapes also impresses them. Today’s luxury tourists to China may expect impeccable service and a sumptuous supper.

New York

New York is the United States’ cultural and commercial capital, as well as (as any New Yorker will tell you) potentially the entire globe. The enthusiasm and pride of this vibrant city are contagious.

During the day, luxury visitors visit the city’s one-of-a-kind districts, cultural landmarks, and renowned businesses. Central Park, in Manhattan’s backyard, is the most popular rest stop for visitors.

Top 10 best luxury hotels in New York City - the Luxury Travel Expert

By night, there are restaurants that are exclusively found in New York, such as Michael Jordan The Steak House at Grand Central Station and Kingside in the Viceroy New York hotel.

When your New York energy wanes, lavish hotels like The Pierre or tranquil, all-suite hotels like The London NYC are available to rejuvenate you.

Swinging London

London is undeniably the cradle of English-speaking civilisation on the planet. Americans will recognise the city on the Thames… but with more tradition, nicer cabbies, and an accent we can’t help but like.

With unrivalled theatre, a gastronomic resurgence, and a burgeoning fashion scene, this royal town entices luxury tourists. And butler service was created in London.

10 Luxury Things To Do In London - EALUXE.COM

Whether staying at a prestigious big hotel like The Langham, London; a glamorous, celebrity-attractive hotel like The Corinthia London; or a buzzing hotel in a fashionable, creative area like Andaz Liverpool Street, luxury tourists are well taken care of. London can also be rather opulent. Put yourself to the test.

Graceful Thailand

In Thailand, tradition coexists with tourism conveniences, creating an authentic but attractive vacation experience. It’s little surprise that this polite, adaptable, and breathtakingly gorgeous country has become Southeast Asia’s tourist superstar.

5-day Thailand Itinerary: Guide To A Perfect 5 day Tour of Thailand

Thailand’s high arts include service, spa culture, and food. It’s also simple to travel about. Bangkok, Thailand’s vibrant but unique city, is close to tropical beach hotspots like the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

The Private Caribbean

The upper crust of the Caribbean is claimed by luxury vacationers. They frequent posh (and pricey) islands with different personalities, clienteles, and even languages.

7 Private Island Paradises in the Caribbean – Fodors Travel Guide

The worldwide fashion crowd flocks to French-speaking St. Barth’s, where many rent WIMCO holiday homes, while royals and rock stars go to English-speaking Mustique (and paparazzi). The Dutch and the French Well-heeled families and couples flock to active resorts like Sonesta Great Bay and Four Seasons Nevis in St. Martin/Sint Maarten. The luxurious hotels of Saint Lucia and chocolate tourism go hand in hand. Your trip may become a fantasy private escape if you choose the perfect Caribbean island.

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