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A Trip down the Salsa City of Mexico: Culture, Night-time and Holiday-ing

Things to do in Mexico City

If you have travel on your mind and want a getaway to a place you’d love to get lost in, the vibrant atmosphere of a cosmopolitan capital calls for a little adventure. The hustle and bustle, history, nightlife, and cultural practices make it a complete package for any traveler to explore the city of Mexico. There are loads of things to do in Mexico City, from diving into the underwater caverns, walking through the city into the cultural hub, and visiting museums to savoring local drinks and enjoying the night-time in Mexico City.

Things that cannot be missed out on while in Mexico

One of the best cities for nightlife once the sun goes down, there’s no shortage of things to do in Mexico City. Mexico nightlife brings tourists some of the best live music from the local Zinco Jazz Club, a place for jazz lovers, welcoming tourists with their hot jazz with a twist to an evening of the traditional mariachi music.

Bar-hopping is one of the best things to do in Mexico City, with an array of brash nightclubs, piano bars, or gentle clubs to choose from. Whether you are into local beer or want a sip of the international, the city’s craft brew section is excellent.

To explore the hub and spirit of nightlife, one of the best things to do in Mexico City is to explore the traditional spirits that the city offers through its prized collection of beer, wine, and cocktails.

Night-time in Mexico City is adventurous with sipping into the ancient pulque or the legendary mezcal to raise your spirits high.


One of the best things to do in Mexico City is to book a class with local salsa clubs. Head to the classic places or the old favourite, Mama Ruba, and learn some moves as you enjoy the night-time in the dancing city of Salsa King.

For the tourists with a classic taste, the Palacio Bella Artes invites the quite, not-so adventurous ones into classic night-time in Mexico City with traditional performances every night from a plethora of piano collections orchestral concerts.

For the adventurous ones, a road trip to the Yucatan or Mexico to the Pacific Coast calls for long unexcavated journeys through beautiful roadsides, exploring the often left out, off-the-lists of tourist hotspots. The Mayan ruins spread across the Yucatan region with ancient civilization is worth visiting that harbors timeless excavations and religious ceremonies of one of the empire’s largest cities.

The city weaves in a rich blanket of cultural histories from the Aztec period to the Spanish Conquests. For the artsy tourist, one of the best things in Mexico City is its rich artistic repertoire with extensive museums and galleries that showcase pre-Hispanic cultures.

Mexico tourist attractions

Centuries of Mexican history through indigenous storytelling and conquests can be found in boutiques and galleries of Polanco. Museo De Arte Moderno boasts of Kahlo’s masterpieces and is one of the best places for art lovers.

Things to do in Mexico City for the beach lover are to choose from its range of Caribbean islands, the Cancun or the boho-chic Tulum that call for some of the best beach vacations in the city.

All these calls for a lovely holiday in the capital for tourists who have questions regarding what to do in Mexico City. The murals, cultural attractions, beachy vibes, and drives call for one of the best travel destinations down South.

But, nothing beats the nightlife in Mexico City, from dining in one of the finest itineraries to savouring the night and making some moves to the Country’s best Salsa, hopping from bars and nightclubs and sipping through Mexican craft beers to tequila cocktails.

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