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Top 5 best things to do in Reykjavik Iceland

Visiting Reykjavik, Iceland

The land of fire and ice that captures the wholesome spirit of traveling, has earned a top spot in the list of best travel destinations in the world. A Nordic nation amidst the waters of the North Atlantic, Iceland is home to the most dramatic landscapes.

Hot Springs, hotbeds of volcanoes, lava and ice fields, green fjords, geysers, the multitude of things to see in Iceland that attract thousands of tourists.

Being the world’s hottest ecotourism destination, there is no dearth of things to do in Iceland.

Reykjavik, the young capital of Iceland is full of culture and adventure against the beauty of nature. Rafting, glacier walking or visiting the Golden Circle, everything is possible here. Visiting Reykjavik, the beginning and end of the tours, is one of the best things to do in Iceland.   Iceland is the best location to make unforgettable memories of adventure and exploration.

There are a multitude of things to do in Iceland but Reykjavik is a huge attraction that tourists most look forward to.

Some things to do in Reykjavik are:

Visit the Hallgrimskirkja Church:

things to do in Reykjavik iceland Hallgrimskirkja Church - theWanderingStar

Visible from anywhere in the city, this church towers over central Reykjavik and is the National Sanctuary of Iceland. The church provides a 360 degree view of the city and the Öskjuhlíð hill can be seen from Parlan. Inside the church, tourists can find Johannes Klais, the German Master’s colossus 25 ton and 15 metre high organ. The church is just in front of a statue of Leif Eriksson.

Go whale watching:

One of the most important Iceland attractions, special wildlife adventure tours like the whale watching tour, is perfect to experience Iceland. A sailboat that ensures personal service and comfort and friendly guides is easily found. The tourists can see humpback whales, minke whales, harbour porpoises and white-beaked dolphins and also, other whale species.

Walk through the parks and gardens:

There are numerous city parks and public gardens like Hallargarður and Hljómskálagarður and surrounding the beautiful art museum, Kjarvalsstaðir, there is the Miklatún. Grótta, which has a lighthouse overlooking the Esjan mountains and the bay of Faxaflói, is an attractive location. Numerous outdoor games are hosted in summer and the warm foot bath by the sea is perfect for winters.

Gazing upon the Northern Lights:

things to do in Reykjavik iceland -theWanderingStar

One of the top things to do in Iceland is to experience the magnificent Northern lights. Experienced guides help tourists as they take a tour to watch the Northern lights. Away from the lights of the city, the Seltjarnarnes seashore is preferred for watching the lights.

Trying out the Cuisine:

Reykjavik has ample availability of terrific local and international cuisines. Apart from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Ethiopian meals, one can try the traditional Iceland cuisine like the notorious fermented shark. They serve extraordinary meat and seafood and there is plenty of fancy dessert to enjoy. Another notorious and popular dish is the Matur og Drykkur.


Reykjavik, being the capital of Iceland, has flexible options when it comes to accommodation. If one is a travel-freak and is looking forward to exploring the city and wishes to use accommodation only as a base, Reykjavik hostels are plenty in number, simple and downtown hotels that are highly economical and tourist-friendly.

However, for people who seek relaxation and comfort out of their stays in Iceland, Reykjavik has ample options for luxury hotels. Hotel Klettur, City Center Hotel, and Storm Hotel are notable three-star hotels that are affordable yet provide an incredibly comfortable stay. If one wishes to spend a lavish time in Iceland, four-star hotels such as Fosshotel, Centerhotel, Icelandair Marina Hotel, and Hotel Natura, are probably the best options in Reykjavik that promise tourists high-end amenities and a luxurious stay.

Notwithstanding the availability of accommodation in the city, it is imperative that tourists make reservations well in advance because the rooms fill up swiftly.

Few words on what to do in Iceland

Reykjavik is just a part of Iceland attractions. Nature’s splendors like active volcanoes, waterfalls and man-made parks that beautifully compliment these have provided a great boost to Iceland tourism in the past decade. Outdoor activities like hot tubbing, hiking, swimming and National Parks filled with tourist attractions sufficiently answer what to do in Iceland.

Iceland encourages responsible tourism and prioritizes tourist comfort and engagement. If a quick vacation is around the corner  or long term plans and savings for a trip next year are starting to form, Iceland and its capital, Reykjavik is a perfect location to consider.

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