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Top 5 London attractions for kids

Not everybody gets to go for a Europe trip on their honeymoon. Some wait for parenthood to visit with their children. But if you are taking your kids to London, you must have a few things to do with kids in London added to your itinerary so that they too can have the best time of their life. Here are the top things you can do with your kids in London.

things to do with kids in London

Things to do with kids in London

1] Museum Spree

London has popular museums that have a lot to offer. If your kids are natural nerds, the museum tours will be the best time for them. Even if they are not thrilled initially, you only need to convince or trick them into visiting the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. They will love it once they see the dinosaurs and all the amazing things. The Victoria and Albert Museum trip isn’t exactly one of the things to do with kids in London, but depending on the kid, this could be the best museum.

2] Regents Park Surprise

Tell your kids “we are going to the Regents Park” and let them find out for themselves that they are actually at the London Zoo. This is literally the best of all things to do with kids in London. The flora and fauna will make your children’s day. At the end of the day, you can visit the Pembroke Lodge for some refreshments. If you are looking for the most British thing to do, enjoy your tea while staying away at the Thames.

3] To the Eye!

The London Eye is probably what your kids have been looking forward to ever since you mentioned the trip to them. Take them to the giant Ferris wheel and show them all of London. Of all the things to do with kids in London, this will be the most memorable.

4] Diana Memorial Playground Tour

If your kids don’t know Princess Diana, tell them about her. They will get another iconic personality to look up to. While you are at it, take them to Kensington Gardens to show them the Peter Pan themed gardens which is also a tribute to Princess Diana. This is one of the most wonderful things to do with kids in London because not only is it fun, but also a very enriching.

5] Covent Garden Surprise

Enough gardens already? But kids are never tired of a beautiful place to play in. Besides, when they find out this is a garden of toys and exciting tokens to take home, and jugglers and acrobats to admire, the look on their face will add this place to your list of the best things to do with kids in London. You get to eat a variety of fancy food. You get to try on a variety of perfumes.

These places will make you become the child who is yet to explore the entire world right in front of your eyes. This gives more reason why visiting all these children friendly places is one of the best things to do with kids in London.

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