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Tips For Taking A Solo Aussie Road Trip

Travelling alone is one of the most eye-opening human experiences. It can be scary at first to take the leap and head out alone, but travelling solo can be a very rewarding feat. Australia is a country full of natural splendour with vast, open spaces perfect for a road trip.

However, it is important to remember that roads in rural areas of Australia can be treacherous and the mix of terrains can throw off even the most experienced driver. So, if you are planning a solo road trip there are a few things you should think about before you set off.

Check out some tips for taking a solo Aussie road trip below and get inspired for your journey.

Pace Yourself

Choose a route that suits your driving experience. Some outback tracks are only accessible with a four-wheel drive, so be sure to check what kind of roads you will be driving on and brush up on your road safety. Once you’ve chosen the right route for you, decide how long you want to drive for each day. Don’t try to cram in too many hours of straight driving between your chosen attractions – it will make you miss out on more than you think. Try to limit your driving to a reasonable amount and arrive early enough at your chosen spot to enjoy the day.

Maps, Maps, Maps

As you’re riding solo into the unknown it is important to keep a map on you at all times. Using a number of navigation tools will keep you on the right track. It’s good practice to have a physical copy of the map with you due to the remoteness of your destination, as well as GPS tracking from your phone or sat nav. A travel map such as the National Geographic Road Atlas will keep you entertained and on the straight and narrow. There are also some great apps you can get too for the journey that will give you some more information on the places you’re visiting which include maps, such as Lonely Planet.

Keep The Car Running

Before you head out on your adventure fish out your car’s user manual and get to grips with the basics of car maintenance. Print or download a copy to take along for reference so you are prepared in case of an emergency. There are some things you can check yourself once you have the basics down, like getting to know your tyres and learning how to change them, checking your suspension and understanding how to check your car battery for damage. However, it’s best practice to take your car for a full servicing before a road trip.

Stay In Touch

Finally, if you are going to travel alone make sure you tell somebody where you are going, when you have left and when you will arrive at your final destination. However, that’s not to say you have to be on your phone the whole trip – for some self-exploration only truly works when you switch off. It’s also important to remember that again due to the remoteness of the outback some routes require you to check in with local police when you set off and when you finish your journey. It may also be a good idea to carry a radio with you.

Blogging or sharing your trip on social media can also be a fun thing to do alone. Sometimes setting up shots, researching locations for the perfect photograph and writing about what they are experiencing a fun and rewarding way to spend your downtime along the way.


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