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Top 10 Countries to Discover This Year

This summer for a certain adventure? Don’t forget to take these countries into consideration. Tourism just starts thriving here, so be a visionary and hurry! Check out our pick of the week–countries have been pleased by their preserved beauty, artistic and historical resources.

1. Timor-Leste

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Recently the nation has proclaimed independence and is available to all tourists and explorers, who are preparing for a very unique occasion. Located on the Indonesian Archipelago, Timor-Leste is a spot of beauty for fishermen and snorkellers. The trees and the sea remain untouched by the human community with a large marine frontier.

2. Uzbekistan

For a very long period, the nation became divided. The world is presently beautiful with its stunning elegance amid the chaotic political activities. Old architecture represents Islamic history, although the impressive natural scenery leave one breathless.

3. Georgia

After a recent war with Russia, the nation is gathering strength again. For holidaymakers Batumi is especially popular: the Black Sea harbor, which now provides fantastic beaches, lots of entertainment and a fantastic coastline, has been revived!

4. Lithuania

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One of the region’s most popular tourist attractions in the Baltic capital. It is especially desirable in summer: the nation is surrounded by hundreds of lakes with lodges and towns to choose from. Such holiday centers surrounded by woods offer much-needed relaxation and quiet.

5. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a summer vacation destination, separated by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This encourages ecotourism, and promises a stay in eco-resorts and lodges to conserve the stunning, wild wilderness of Nicaragua.

6. Iran

19 stunning ancient ruins are designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The remains of Persepolis, Golestan Palace from the eighteenth century, the rose garden and the impressive façades of the city of Isfahan–not to mention others. Yet now, like ever, Iran is much more available to the Westerners.

7. Albania

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Albania is increasingly common with the beachgoers, located on the Adriatic Sea. Hot turquoise sea, beautiful beaches and resorts make it a lovely summer destination. In addition, there are several ancient Greek-Roman ruins in the country which add extra charm.

8. Nepal

For the climbers going to the Himalayas, the country was a common rest. Yet tourism has been affected by the latest earthquake. Fearless explorers are welcome and should push the nation a little deeper towards recovery.

9. Armenia

Armenia, located in the south of the Caucasus, has beautiful natural scenery and traditional architecture. Overlooking the lush valleys below, old castles and churches are set in cliffs, which you do not wish to have visited.

10. Turkey

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A multitude of attractions is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. There are only a few items to do for your holidays in Turkey, from swimmings in the dark blue seas of Antalya to hot air balloons over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia and paragliding in Oludeniz!

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Kishar Ahmed N

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