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Top 10 Festivals In Europe In 2020

In many respects, Europe is the Western world’s intellectual engine. The continent is the dream spot to be for globetrotters with its many languages, people and a long and rich history. The film, theater, music and dance centres in environments such as Rome, Italy, Prague and Vienna have been for years. No wonder why Europe’s events are the biggest in the world! From folk art to metal music to modern art to natural beauty, the convergence of all European music festivals is the focus of attention. The festivals would surely blow your mind with the pledge to be bigger and better in the coming year! Ensure you hit all of them.

1. The Carnival Of Venice

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The Carnival of Venice is the place to be, if you are looking for festivals with elaborate masks. Although the festival has millennial roots, the modern version of this great city only began in 1979 to revive its culture. Today in the March with countless parties and events throughout the region, almost 3 million people are participating to the 20-day biggest festivals in Europe. A water festival is taking place, competitions based on ancient Venice rituals, a fantastic ball and a famous competition for the best design mask.

2. Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa is one of Europe’s most popular cultural events and included spiritual carnivals from Eastern Europe’s Slavic traditions. It was one of the largest celebrations in Europe in March, held eight weeks before Eastern Easter. The tradition of the festival is focusing so closely on this relaxing ban that the festival often is called the Cheesefare Week or Crepe Week during the week, the meat, the cheese or other milk are permitted for Orthodox Christians. The baking of crepes in this event, one of Europe’s biggest festivals, sparkles the region.

3. Cannes Film Festival

Cannes is in France a small village where one of the largest events is performed here. Cannes is the world’s leading festival of movie invites which offers the screening for a chosen audience of almost all of the categories of the most innovative movies of the year. The exhibition, held at the magnificent Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, ignited the world’s cinematography from a Fascist film festival in Venice. Each year, with the famous Palm of Or, which is often regarded as a more prestigious recognition than the Oscars, the festival also honours the best film. Because of its beauty, it is one of Europe’s best events.

4. Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Only branded as the Fringe, it’s one of Europe 2020’s biggest August festivals. It is also the biggest art festival in the world and was spread over 25 days in 2017. Throughout 3,398 events it had 53,232 presentations across over 300 places throughout the Edinburgh region. Some activities including theater, dance, cabaret, entertainment, music and exhibits are not judged and can therefore be enjoyed by anybody. During the festival the comedy shows have a better profile because of the Edinburgh Improv Awards for best series. The event in Scotland is expected to be Europe 2020’s biggest concert.

5. Rock Im Park

Rock I m Park, which has been one of Europe’s most popular rock festivals in 2020, takes place under Nuremberg in the form of one of the world’s most popular rock acts since 1985. The music stars such as David Bowie, Eddie Van Halen, Gunsn Roses, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, and the foo fighters performed here, and took place at Zeppelinfeld. In conjunction with the Rock I m Ring, this festival is one of the biggest stages in Europe and has an influence of 150,000.

6. Water Jousting

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It is one of Europe’s best summer festivals after 1666, primarily at the harbor of Sete in the city called Languedoc Venice. The community celebrates in boisterous fashion its patron saint, and holds water competitions throughout the summer in its canals. Yet issues get dominated in this area during the month of August. A major event in the world of over 70 activities, including street parades, pop-up bars and concerts is hosted in Water Jousting, one of the most famous youth-centered summer festivals.

7. The Carnival Of Ivrea

In the third week of February throughout Ivrea, Italy, the Carnival of Ivrea takes place. The festival dates back to the 19th century, when the feudal lord offered them the meat the defiant common people threw away. The play is now a battle between the thousands on the field and the guards tossing oranges. It is one of Europe’s strange festivals. It is one of the largest food festivals in Europe.

8. Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

First organized 20 years ago is the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival. It is a celebration of nine days. The main aim is to raise money for the local school, the hall and the church. A large number of mannequins or scarecrows are stored in Yorkshire Dale village throughout the town. Some of them seem like people in real life. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s scarecrows was unveiled last year. It is one of the biggest of Europe’s strangest festivals.

9. Dead Good Fun

This festival offers you a completely different experience than what you normally see in festivals. Organized in rural Galicia, the Festival takes place across streets in a sarcophagus, where committed Spain has endured a near-fatal encounter last year. It is considered to be a ritual of thankfulness to Christ and Santa Marta by the residents. The coffins were accompanied by friends and relatives according to the Spanish burial law.

10. Mad For Folk

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This one is one of the most exclusive folk music gatherings, recognized in Italy. Bands, buskers, dance forces and electrifying shows crowd this event. This is a perfect venue to celebrate traditional music since here in Crazy for the festival you can find all kinds of indigenous Italian musicians.


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