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Top 5 Best Long Haul Christmas Destinations

Are you looking for a unique way to spend the holidays this year? Then perhaps some travel is in order. Check out the top five best long haul Christmas destinations below if you’re looking for a few good travel ideas that will make your holiday season this year a truly unforgettable one.

1. Barbados

A Christmas getaway in the Caribbean doesn’t get much better than time spent in Barbados. This location isn’t on the typical track of hurricanes, and it also has plenty of direct flights that make it easy to get to and from your destination in no time. And you also have plenty of choices when it comes to your accommodations, including 4-store resorts that are great for families, couples, and even single travellers.

2. Sri Lanka

If you’re in search of a tropical destination where you can spend Christmas in the sunshine and on the beach rather than in the chilly winter snow, check out Sri Lanka, which comes with the added bonus of being surprisingly affordable compared to other tropical locations. Enjoy plenty of activities, including catamaran sailing, biking, windsurfing, and volleyball on the beach, to name a few, but also take the time to explore some of the amazing historical sites throughout the area so you can really take in the culture during your stay.

3. Costa Rica

Experience some “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica by vacationing there this holiday season. This tropical haven offers every outdoor enthusiast something exciting to do, whether you want to trek across volcanoes and mountains, hike through rainforests and check out the rich biodiversity, or simply lounge on the beach and dip beneath the waves. Located in Central America, Costa Rica has an amazing reef system and stunning rainforest landscapes, but getting there could cost you more than you hope to pay. Once there, though, you can check out Arenal National Park for an active volcano, as well as the Monteverde rainforest before relaxing on the Central Pacific Coast beaches.

4. Alaska

Hoping for something other than a tropical holiday season? Then check out Alaska, which offers unspoiled beauty and wilderness. Look for deer, caribou, and bears in gorgeous Denali National Park, and visit cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks for plenty to do and see.

5. Japan

For a truly exotic Christmas, visit Japan, where the culture is as unique as the people. Explore the vibrant city of Tokyo and then head to Hakone for its hot spring baths and mountains. And don’t forget to visit the amazing gardens and temples of Kyoto.

Before you head off to the long haul destination of your choice this holiday season, just be sure to do your research, and talk to your doctor, to find out if you need to get any vaccinations from a place like the London Travel Clinic. Doing so will protect your health from any diseases that may be prevalent in other parts of the world. Then you can relax and take in all of the sights as you explore a brand new place.

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