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Top 5 Underwater Caribbean Locations

The best places in the Caribbean are underwater. No, not the Lost City of Atlantis (though they may have some amazing resorts). Many of the islands of the Caribbean are known for their outstanding underwater activities, taking advantage of the clear Caribbean Sea and the amazing marine life to give nature lovers an opportunity to explore, learn, and create lasting memories.

Yet what about the best of the best? The following are the best places for underwater activities in the Caribbean, for the luxury traveler that wants to truly enjoy all that marine life has to offer.

Best Place for Snorkeling: Antigua


(Image Source – mycaribspot)

Home to some of the clearest water in the entire Caribbean, Antigua is also an outstanding choice for snorkeling because of the diversity and color of the fish in the sea, and the availability of resorts right near excellent snorkeling sites.  Check out charter flights to Antigua at evoJets here.

Best Place for Swimming: Anguilla


(Image Source – carimar)

The beaches in Anguilla are consistently in the top 5 in the entire Caribbean, and often number one (be sure and visit Shoal Bay East). The water is calm and Crystal Clear, the beaches are white sand, and if you want to make your swimming even more enjoyable, you can sign up for one of the many dolphin tours.

Best Place for Scuba Diving: Bonaire


(Image Source –tourismbonaire)

With a location best accessed on one of our private jet charters, Bonaire is considered one of the best diving destinations in the world, and easily at the top of the Caribbean. From 1000 Steps to Town Pier to Karpata, there are countless places to dive, and some excellent resorts as well.

Best Place for Lobstering: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

You can search for lobster in a variety of locations. In Bequia, Granadines, for example, lobster are a delicacy served by the locals, and if you find someone to take you out you can easily snag some great lobster (or buy it in the store to save time). But another popular location is St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, which combines an excellent vacation spot with, of course, some delicious lobster fishing opportunities.

Best Place for All Water Activities: Curaçao

Here is the amazing truth about water activates in the Caribbean Islands – they are all amazing. You can go to almost any island or beach community and chances are there is something great you can do in or under the water. But Curacao is certainly up there with the most activities. It has snorkeling (check out the Curaçao Underwater Marine Park), scuba diving, beaches for swimming, boating, and much more.

But really, you cannot go wrong in most of the countries in the Caribbean, and when you need to travel there in luxury and style, call evoJets.


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