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Top Tamil Nadu Tourist Attractions

Tamil Nadu is often regarded as the shining jewel of India’s southernmost peninsula. It is a state that has every sort of paradise that a visitor could want all in one location, from spiritual treks in numerous Tamil temple cities to feeling amorous on the gorgeous beaches of Chennai. From living the contemporary Indian dream in Chennai to embracing the bohemian lifestyle in Puducherry, there’s something for everyone. From fighting the heat in Kanyakumari to spending time alone in the highlands of Ooty, there’s something for everyone.


Pondicherry, also known as Puducherry, is one of India’s most beautiful towns, where one is said to be wandering through India’s very own French universe. The village has tree-lined avenues, mustard-colored homes, and elegant stores. This little town is also regarded as the greatest alternative to Goa since many visitors choose to spend some time away from the crowds and turmoil and, instead of going to Goa, prefer to meander their way around Pondicherry.

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Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, but it is also the most dynamic city in India. A city has temples, beaches, cathedrals, and other notable architectural monuments to offer any tourist that comes its way. This city is also home to St. Mary’s, a 17th-century Angelic church, and the renowned St. George fort, which dates back to 1644.

Chennai Tourism (2021) - India > Madras Top Things To Do, Images, Tours

Most young travellers would want to experience a place where they don’t have a city bone in their body, thus the city may not appeal to them as a prospective trip destination. However, if you just have one day in this city, it is worthwhile to see the museum, several notable temples, South Indian specialties, and a sunset walk along the Marina beach.


Mahabalipuram is yet another treasure located on a sliver of land between the Great Salt Lake and the Bay of Bengal. The city has several beautiful temples and rock-cut caverns to show off to any visitor who wants to explore this area. The most popular attraction is the beachfront Shore temple, which is frequented by thousands of tourists every day who are looking for architectural beauty with a wonderful view of the sun finding tribute in the water.

The city is well-known for the Pallava dynasty’s temples and monuments from the 7th and 8th centuries. One may also stroll along the gorgeous sandy beaches and enjoy the distinctive South Indian shopping experience in a tranquil setting.

Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu: A Guide For An Exciting Trip In 2021


Mudumalai is one of the rare sites in India where one may experience the wildlife culture. The Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located on the Nilgiri Hills, is the most well-known feature in the area. It is around 150 kilometres north of Coimbatore.

The wildlife reserve is home to around 570 tigers, which is why it has also been designated as a tiger reserve. It is a must-see destination for anybody who wants their children to bond with environment and learn about Indian wildlife culture.

Mudumalai National Park, Ooty: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips


Thanjavur was formerly the capital of the Chola dynasty and was governed by a number of kingdoms over the ages. The city also includes several temples that date back to the 11th century, such as Brihadeeswarar Temple, a Chola dynasty–era complex erected to pay tribute to Lord Shiva and now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Other notable attractions in this city are Thanjavur Maratha Palace, Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple, and Saraswathi Mahal Library.

Art, Architecture and Heritage: Exploring the beauty of Thanjavur Updated  in 2021 - Munni of all Trades


Chettinadu is the ancestral home of all Chettiars who formerly reigned over this town on their own terms. Around the turn of the century, the majority of the inhabitants in this town made so much money acting as financiers and entrepreneurs that they nearly constructed 10,000 magnificent houses with it. However, after WWII, their business crumbled, forcing many Chettiars to abandon their area and move elsewhere. Who knew that one day, this town would be recognised by UNESCO, and all those homes would bring the town back to life?

20 destinations for 2015: Chettinadu, South India - Telegraph

Many of those homes have now been transformed into magnificent hotels, and hundreds of people visit in the hopes of spending a few days in luxury.


Rameswaram is a tiny town on Tamil Nadu’s Pamban Island. This town is well-known for its Ramanathaswamy Temple, which draws thousands of worshippers from all across India. This temple is a prominent pilgrimage site known for its elaborate hallways, a chakra said to have Lord Rama’s foot impressions, and massive carved pillars.

Chennai-Rameswaram Route | Series 'The most dangerous railroads in the  world'

Every day, hundreds of devotees visit this temple to pay tribute to Lord Rama’s sculpture and to wash in the holy river in the hope of purifying themselves of all wrongdoing.

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