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Traveling in Copenhagen – Do’s and Don’ts

The city of fascinations on the edge of the Baltic Sea, Copenhagen, is the capital of Denmark. The colorful city has recently become one of the best places for tourists to visit with family and friends. The city of Spires is a mix and match of both classic and modern day attractions, with 19th-century architecture, gothic castles, amusement parks, and significant landmarks such as Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn, Rosenborg castle, Christiansborg Palace, Fredrik’s Church, and Rundetaarn etc.

Traveling to Copenhagen will fill you with an adrenaline rush that will come from experience and discovery of the unknown that you will want to capture the moments and stories in a glass jar to take back home with you. Of course, it isn’t without reason that people pack their bags and book a flight to the city of Spires the first chance they get. It is to meet people of different cultural and social backgrounds, see how they live, and to enjoy delightful cuisines from around the world.

Planning the trip

While vacationing can be quite a pleasure, planning a trip, getting the visa, packing the bags and sorting other things out can be quite the opposite. Deciding where you want to travel and getting that stamp on your passport is one thing, but being able to get a pocket-friendly flight ticket can be really time-consuming, and a seriously tiring and stressful job. Even though Copenhagen is one of the expensive cities in Europe, the good news is that some of the cheapest tickets to Copenhagen can be found online. If you are traveling on a budget, you can book a super cheap flight and save your pennies which you might be spending on other things during your stay in the city such as transport, sightseeing, enjoying delicious Danish cuisine and shopping for souvenirs and local specialties.

Do’s and Don’ts

If you are traveling to any country for the first time ever, you need to learn a little about their laws, rules, and regulations, language, as well as their culture and traditions so as to easily mingle with the locals and not to offend anyone. Some customs in an unknown place can be quite different than what you have been seeing all your life and might shock you. Therefore, here is a list for you of some of the Do’s and Don’ts to make the most of your vacation in the amazing city and find no trouble in your time there.

1. Sure, Copenhagen can be an affordable city, there are some things you can try to save even more. Such as by considering Airbnb. This will not only save a lot of your money, as living like a local in Copenhagen is considerably cheaper than booking a hotel, but also help you connect with the locals, see the amazing local groceries, stores and cafes nearby that will come in half the price the luxury hotel will guide you to.

2. Like discussed before, Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most expensive places to visit. Therefore, it is very important to know that you will most like go over your budget, even if you have carefully listed down where and how much you are going to spend your money. Especially the white tablecloths will more likely break your banks since the taxes are way too high unless you either eat and drink in small affordable places or try more street food from open-air markets etc., either way, you should be prepared that your budget will spike up more than you think you would spend.

3. Don’t break the Danish laws and rules. The whole country, especially Copenhagen, is a rule-stricken place. Danes follow rules like most countries follow burger joints. The rule-followers will be seriously pissed if you cross a street when the signal is green, even if the road is clear. However, since they are really calm, you will warn you in the politest manner.

4. Don’t look for decaf, or even 2% caffeinated because chances are, you will not find any as Danes do not believe in such a thing as decaf. Asking for decaf in Copenhagen is like asking for Titanic not to sink. Sounds weird, right?

5. Don’t ask locals anything personal. Danish people worship privacy and personal space. They will not ask you anything personal, not even about your culture, even if it is way too different than theirs.

6. Don’t forget to use signs while taking a stroll on your bicycle, bike or scooter in Copenhagen. Danes use hand signals to indicate if they are turning left or right, and, chances are, you will hear some serious shaming if you don’t. Bicycles are quite common in Copenhagen and most tourists use them to see nearby neighbors. However, they get into serious arguments with the Danes if they don’t use hand signals and crash into them. During the rush hour, there are too many bikes on the bike lane, therefore, they have established the hand signs as to avoid any mishaps. It’s for your own good to follow this rule.

7. Don’t try to be cheesy with Danish women. They like being independent and feel no shame in doing anything alone. The city also regards its ladies with equal importance and self-esteem as their men. Therefore, remember to treat them nicely, but not to the point where you call them “sweetie” as they find it very offensive.

8. Don’t try to manipulate or sugar coat to have anything done in Copenhagen as the Danes such a thing. They prefer honesty over anything else and probably expect an answer that will be honest and straightforward.

9. You might have heard of Danes being too standoffish and rigid, however, it’s not the case. Sure, they can be pretty serious on a serious matter, but can be really friendly, kind and lively and will help you in need.

10. Don’t worry about exchanging currency and carrying money around in the city. Credited cards are accepted almost everywhere, from luxury hotels to small fish and chip stall in a park.

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