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Traveling to Mexico? Make your trip more memorable with these travel destinations

Mexico is the capital of Mexico City. It is the largest and one of the populated places of North America. The place is economically well developed as well as technically very developed. The GDP growth of the country is ranked 1st all over the world. This resulted in Mexico is the largest metropolitan city in the world. The tourism is continuously increasing at a higher rate because of the attracting and well-established nature of the city. There are many tourist spots and travel destination which will end your trip as a healthy travel experience.

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 Everything about the tourism of Mexico

The Centro and the floating garden of Mexico are listed in the world heritage sites by UNESCO. The angel of independence is the most recognizable spot by the tourists. Inside the city, there are 160 museums and each museum hold a different history. To visit the place you can find tributes which go through many of the travel destinations of the tourists. Mexico is rich in histories, there are many monuments and structures which symbolizes about the past of Mexico. The museums are one of the most eye-catching places for the tourists.

    Here are some unusual thing to see and places to visit in Mexico:

  • Aztec serpent head cornerstone– It is believed that the head is of a monstrous and was stolen from the pyramid 400 years back. When you will visit the historic center in Mexico City you will find the head downward at the corner pillar of the building.
  • Mummies at Museo de El Carmen– Earlier this place was a school, in the underground cell of the school, you will find 12 mummies inside.
  • The island of the dolls– This place is believed to creepy. You will find numbers of dolls hanging on a tree. There is a creepy story behind this. Nobody dares to take the dolls off from the tree.

Some of the most visited spots in Mexico

Lay Del Carmen is the beach which is the best spot of happing fun. You can relax here for hours or swim. The most enjoyable thing of the place is to dance with the crowd from the sunset to sunrise. This makes you feel out of all kind of rules and restrictions.

Isla Cozumel– It gives the tourists the gateway to scuba diving. Those who dare to dive inside will have a thrilling experience.

Izamal– The specialty of the place is that all the building of the town is painted in yellow color. This is something very amazing and unusual for the visitors.

The city of Mexico had been one of the most visited places from years long and it is the second most visited place in the United States. The great travel destination spots, cultural sites, natural reserves, beach resorts had been the reasons behind the increase of tourism in Mexico. The major part of tourists comes from America, Asia, Canada, and Europe. One should never miss a chance to enjoy the nights in Mexico.


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