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Travelling With Toddlers: Plan a Trip to Jamaica with Your Kids

Family vacations are pretty hard to plan. But what makes planning things way more difficult is when you are planning a trip with your kids. A lot of things come into consideration, from their health and wellness during the trip to what they are going to eat and what happens when and if they have an “accident.” So, most moms tend to freak out when they are planning and packing for the trip. Of course, choosing a location becomes pretty difficult too. But if you are if you’re looking for a relaxing and exhilarating time while your kids have the time of their lives, you need to look no further than Jamaica.

Jamaica is especially suitable for mothers as it is not only safe but also fun. Everything is accessible so you need not worry about anything other than having an amazing time. Jamaica villa rentals with staff are easy to book and, since the staff is always friendly and welcoming, it makes staying with kids that much easier.

How to Reach There?

Jamaica is an easily accessible country. You can find many direct flights to the two airports in this country from North America and Europe.

But you can also reach here via sea. There are many cruise ships that offer luxurious services and more than a million people sail through the cruise ships to Jamaica making it the world’s biggest cruise ship destinations. So, we suggest you choose to travel by sea and start creating amazing memories even before you have reached your destination.

Note: If your child has never been on a boat before, make sure you are prepared in case they get seasick. Carry extra light clothing, toys that calm your kid(s) down, a playlist full of soothing music, some light snacks and lots of fluid. You may also visit a doctor before the trip and check if you should be carrying any meds that will calm your child down.

Things to Keep in Mind before Going

• Make sure to find out about your country’s embassy’s location and register or consulate beforehand just to be safe.
• Always keep an extra identification proof of your own country like driving license or green card with you apart from your passports.
• Jamaica sometimes experiences hurricanes passing over during the months of June to November, so keep an eye on the weather forecast and then plan your trip.
• Take light clothes like T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops and it is a tropical location and is usually hot and humid.
• Jamaica is well connected to the world and has direct international telephone services 24 hours a day. Make sure you have all the important numbers, including that of the airport and clinics nearby, saved on your phone.

Things for you and your kids to do

Boston Bay

Let your child experience Jamaica’s best contribution to the culinary world, a spice rub named “jerk”, and satiate your taste buds’ desires in the best way possible. Boston Bay is the birthplace for this spice. It is one of the most delicious things you can eat in Jamaica. Plus, Boston Bay is a very beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and a very clean environment which is lined with various jerk stalls serving various delicacies like smoked meat which will impress even the most picky-eating children. For the vegetarians, the place offers salads with jerk chicken too, so don’t worry, you can experience the best dishes Jamaica has to offer too.

Dolphin Cove, Negril

Where do we start? As the name suggests, this anchorage is chock full of playful dolphins that your child can interact and play with. Dolphin Cove covers more than 20 acres of ocean frontage and is situated very close to Negril which is a town in western Jamaica. Here, you will find tropes of lush green banana trees and beautiful and serene beaches. Along with that, you can also ride camels here which is quite a fun experience for kids.

Sail through the coves let your child experience and learn about the rich marine life here. The children will have the time of their lives playing with all the dolphins and stingrays here.

The place has a lot of culinary delicacies to offer. The seafood especially will blow the entire family away.

Blue Mountain

Jamaica’s highest point, Blue Mountain, offers you a chance to experience one of the most beautiful sunrises with your family. But getting there with your child might be a bit hard since it takes a night’s hike to reach the peak before sunrise so you should plan accordingly. But the place itself is very safe and there are several helpful guides available to take you to the top. But since it is less about getting to the top than sharing memories with your child, let the fireflies light up your away as you tell them stories of the land and of fairy-tales as you yourself transported inside one. When the journey ends and the sun rises to brush the deep green around you and your child’s delighted face, you will know that the hike was worth it.

Animal Farm, Lethe

This is probably the best place you can take your kids to in Jamaica. This large homestead is situated in Lethe and offers many fun things to do. Powered by the clean energy of solar power and pig feces, the air is filled with the sound of playful and curious animals that you can spend your time petting and playing with. Your child can pet and befriend the ducks, dogs, piglets, and others at the petting zoo. You can also hire a local guide who will take you birdwatching, which in turn will let your child learn about the local flora and fauna. The best part for kids is there are donkey rides offered on the farm which, obviously, is extremely fun.

While the planning and preparing part of such a trip can be pretty daunting, what you need to remember that everyone gets to enjoy themselves. Relax, have fun, click photos and don’t worry about a few cuts and bruises the children collect along the way. Years later, when they look back, they will not remember the band-aids and bruises, but that you guys were together. And that you had a lot of fun.

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