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It is a tropical country on the Indian Ocean containing in excess of 1000 coral islands. It is notable for its long sun-kissed shorelines, tidal ponds and broad reefs.

The Maldives keeps up its unrivaled sumptuous emanation that consistently pulls in voyagers searching for comfort, serenity and clearly a touch of sentiment. It is an ideal holiday destination ideas for couples and family alike.

trip to Maldives

Some of the best places to visit on your trip to Maldives are:

  • Parasailing and Paragliding

On the off chance that you ever become weary of the tranquil and peaceful environment on your outing to the Maldives, enjoy some adrenaline pumping exercises, for example, parasailing and paragliding.

There are numerous spots offering an assortment of parasailing and paragliding exercises. A few focuses offer vast water departures and arrivals.

trip to Maldives

  • The Manta Point

The Manta Point is otherwise called the EmasThila and extends crosswise over 1 km and goes about as a get-together point for mantas amid the north-east storm season. Mantas for the most part center around the coral shakes and reef top outwardly of the excite.

Gullies and wall of caves are pretty common here. This is the best place on a trip to Maldives to view large schools of fishes. The masked banner fish , oriental sweet lips, red bass and trevally are quite common here.

trip to Maldives



Though this location experiences strong currents, experienced divers can easily navigate their way through.

  • The Banana reef

The Maldives is, without doubt, one of the most glorious and beautiful atolls on the planet. To the north of Male, lies the banana reef. It boasts of incredible beaches and a warm tropical breeze. Being oval in shape, it gets its name, the banana reef.

On your trip to Maldives, be sure to visit the Banana reef to view wonderful diving sites and explore gorgeous caves. There is abundant sea life on this reef. It is not an uncommon sight to view large schools of fish floating by.

trip to Maldives

  • Maldives National Museum

It is situated at the Sultan Park in Male, which was the previous royal residence of the Sultan of Maldives. In spite of the fact that its antiques are housed in an unpleasant building that was skilled by China, these notable ancient rarities sparkle out without anyone else.

The well-labelled collection of artefacts do an excellent job of tracing the history of these unusually located islands.  

trip to Maldives

Some of the artifacts that you can expect to see on your trip to Maldives are coins, royal antiques, furniture, embellishments, armaments and clothing.

  • The Mirihi Islands

This brilliant white sand beach is isolated to impart inside its guests a feeling of internal peace and comfort. Named after a nearby bloom, this beach brags of a flawless beach and select house reefs.

The whole island is secured with white sand and palm trees, the water homes being an additional fascination. This island is perfect for honeymooners. On your trip to Maldives, also check out the nearby diving and snorkeling options available.

trip to Maldives

Pick your most loved one and coast to your heart’s substance.

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