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On the vacation, one must search for the total bundle of the experiences. Vietnam is one of the best holiday destination ideas. Adventures on the rural lands and on islands under the emerald waters, exploration of the old towns and fortresses and numerous more amazements are covered up on this land.

Towns on the slopes, the seascape of the limestone islands, cultural complexities and hiking on the evergreen hills, these are the things that a perfect Vietnam travel guide must influence you to explore.


Here are some must visits that you should ask your Vietnam travel guide:

Hoi An

The place is the historic and oldest town and a perfect example of the preservative nature of the Vietnamese. Your Vietnam travel guide will definitely the greatest of the architecture and the modern culture of traffic and pollution are completely negative here.

Hoi An, when translated, it states as a peaceful meeting place, the peacefulness not only stands in its name but also in the atmosphere around. Travel some distance with your Vietnam travel guide, rent bicycles or boat rides, as go deeper the scenery becomes more peaceful and enticing.


Ho Chi Minh City

The city is constantly reverberating with the energy as long as the charm doesn’t fade away. The city exhales life and exuberance into the citizens there.

Visitors there can only do one thing, grab one Vietnam travel guide and explore the beauty and discover the energy of the city.

War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral tells the history of the city. Binh Tay Market, Central Post Office tells the culture of the city. The city has some of the finest and classiest street stalls and boutiques.


Ha Giang Province

Ask your Vietnam travel guide about the place of best landscapes, he will tell you about the province. The land here generally used for the cultivation and livestock is found on elevations grazing.

The forest around the cultivation lands is densely grown by the tall trees. And it abundant of the limestone formations, waterfalls, and pools and cascading streams.



It is a memorable fortress that still resounds the glories of the Vietnam sovereigns. Huge numbers of the lovely structures were pulverized amid the war with the AmericansVietnam travel guide takes you to the Perfume river, the scenery around is astonishing on a clear day.

The peaceful nature of the environment will be naturally spread into the travelers during the night. Presently the structures in the Hue modernized and turned them as the guesthouses for the visitors.


Con Dao Islands

Ask your Vietnam travel guide for the best place to escape from the crowded atmosphere; he will take the topic of Con Dao islands. It is located far away from the mainland and it has been retained as the star attraction of Vietnam. It has the history of preserving the prisoners long back.


Recognising and admiring the natural beauty around it has been transformed into the tourist spot. Your Vietnam travel guide will unquestionably take you on the boat ride to demonstrate the 15-island chain with coral reefs, picturesque beaches lined with the tropical forests. Hiking, diving and wildlife exploration are the main activities here.


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