Visiting Rome for the First Time

Rome is the place of love and adventure. However, if you have never been before, you may end up feeling a bit overwhelmed with the sheer size of the city and all there is to do. Indeed, there is so much to do in Rome that you could spend many vacations there and still not have done it all. This is why many people choose to visit Rome with a company like Tauck Tours, as it means their entire trip is arranged and organized for them and they will know they won’t miss anything.

Choosing Your Tour Guide

When you visit Rome with a tour guide, you will be able to see all the important sites. Additionally, your guide will be able to tell you all about the city and its history with real passion. It is important, therefore, that you choose a guide that knows their business and that is able to give you a really personal experience.

Some of the Highlights

There are a few absolute must-sees in Rome. These include:

  • Peter’s Basilica
  • The Colosseum
  • The Trevi Fountain
  • Campidoglio
  • The Vatican
  • The Roman Forum

Of course, there is much more to see there as well. Do try to choose a tour that creates a clear itinerary so you are able to prepare your visit. Plus, it gives you a chance to return for subsequent trips and never do the same thing twice.

How to Choose what to Do in Rome

Rome can be divided in Ancient, Christian, Medieval, Jewish and Underground. If you know what interests you the most, you will be better able to choose a trip that you enjoy. Alternatively, you could choose your visit depending on the type of art that you like as well, as some of the world’s greatest artists throughout history have works displayed in Rome. Or perhaps you have no interest at all in history and culture and are simply there to enjoy the food and the shopping. Rome truly offers it all.

The first time you visit Rome, you will start to build memories that will last forever. It is very likely that you will return time and time again because it is such a fascinating city. Many who go end up falling in love and they simply want to see it all. Because this is so common, you may as well prepare yourself for it. This will also create for a more enjoyable experience because, if you already know that you are likely to come back, you won’t have to cram all of Rome into a single holiday.

Rome is the original place of the Italian way of life. People there love, there is no other way to describe it. They love themselves and each other, they love their food, they love their fashion. When you arrive in Rome, you will experience it firsthand it is likely that you will learn to love in the same way as someone in Rome does. Rome wasn’t built in a day, no, but love for Rome takes just an instant to develop.

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