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What You’ll Need To Navigate Your First Adventure Vacation

For many of us, a regular vacation just won’t cut it. Although there are plenty of holiday packages that basically revolve around lying by a pool or on a beach for hours on end, that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people prefer their vacation to be action packed – sometimes so much so that they come back from the trip feeling as though they need another vacation just to recover! If you’ve got a feel for adventure in your blood, chances are you’ve already considered a wild, outdoorsy kind of vacation. But one thing many newcomers find is that when they book this kind of trip, they don’t take into account all the equipment they’ll need to take. The great outdoors can be just as perilous as they can be beautiful, so make sure you bring the following things with you.

A good tent

If you really want to be at one with nature during your vacation, you’ll have to stay in a tent. Okay, so it’s not exactly the lap of luxury. But really, there is nothing better than setting up camp atop a mountain, or by a lake, and waking up to that beautiful view. Staying somewhere remote can also be great for your mental health – after all, it can be good to spend a bit of time away from the television, or the internet. In order to make sure your vacation doesn’t turn into a weather beaten mess, however, you will need to ensure that you have a good quality tent with you. Don’t even consider tents without a HH rating – this tells you how waterproof a tent is. It can also be very beneficial to have a tent with a built-in groundsheet, and a separate porch area for your muddy boots.

A sturdy pair of shoes

Think you can spend a fortnight trekking and hiking with just an old pair of plimsolls on your feet? Think again. Most modern town/city dwellers are not used to doing all that much walking, and even if we are, it tends to be on flat sidewalk rather than rocky hillsides. You may blister easily, so definitely invest in a good pair of walking shoes or trainers before you go. Take a look at a wide selection from many brands by getting a Vaola voucher on

A comfy bag

When you are in the middle of the wilderness, there isn’t anywhere to store your stuff – you just need to bring it all with you. Forget the suitcase, usually this means carrying it all on your back. Humans can carry a surprisingly heavy load on their backs, so you may be shocked about the weight you can hold in a backpack. But your ability to do this lies with how comfortable the bag is on your body. Try out a few different styles to find one that works for you, and make sure you get one that’s adjustable. The fit of it may alter depending on how many layers you are wearing.

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Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed N

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