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Where to Go With Your Friends in 2020

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If you schedule a blow-out or a road ride with your animal next year, 2020 is the year you start rethinking parties. Like the next person, we like Nashville and New Orleans. We have already curated a list of ten group-friendly destinations this year that could be rare, truly relevant, and without a doubt exclusive.

Greek Islands

Sailing on a luxurious ship with your Greek island mates sounds like an exciting dream vacation— until you do the arithmetic. Weeks on a catamaran and sailboat sleep board will cost as little as $700 per user, less than you would spend on a mega crossing or even a holiday home in the city.

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The element in the big future changes in the islands ‘ facilities and the shapes of 2020 are a bright year for Greece. Notably, Seajets has introduced 17 new ships to their fleet by 2020, linking 26 Cyclades Islands via high-speed ferries.

Tbilisi, Georgia

For example, people might be on a getaway to Napa with buddies who enjoy food, so it should be if Tbilisi isn’t yet on the map. Georgia’s busy capital has an incredible wine scene–a practice going back 8000 years–thanks to the amazing production of the region. Wine bars are very recent (alcohol was usually drunk with food in restaurants, similar to bars) and in the city center, several great bars have opened.

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Lida Vardania, co-owner of g. Vino Wine Bar and his eponymous boutique hotel, claims, after a day’s fascinating variety in Tbilisi’s design — and yes, some incredible backgrounds for community pictures — it’s just a glass of wine. “It’s possible to pause at one of the many wine bars when you feel like you have walked around the streets full, and taste varied natural wines in the oldest wine-making country,” she says. “As for many of the items in Tbilisi, the food provides an example of the country’s long past and its accessibility to other cultures.

Asheville, North Carolina

One might say that in 1895, when George Vanderbilt opened the Biltmore to his friends and family, Asheville began as a group hotspot for travel. The 250,000-acre chateau was built as a ski ride for the oligarchies and their associates, with a special luxury rail car bringing visitors to New York and D.C. It is a 125,000-acre estate. To the land.

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The town of the Smoky Mountains often attracts tourists for the diverse variety of things to do: walk or pedal down the Blue Ridge Parkway at over 30 craft breweries and visit Biltmore itself, too, of course.

Denver, Colorado

Over the last few years, Denver has seen tourism grow, and we can claim that many tourists are in packs— Mile High City with its multitude of producers, nightlife, outdoor trips and events during the year is the best place for friends who are searching for a community vacation.

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If Denver is on your mind in 2020, prepare to attend one of the city’s biggest and most famous activities at the Great American Beer Festival. The event takes place every autumn, mostly in late September or the beginning of October, and draws over 60,000 hop heads from around 800 breweries around the country to Denver to sample 4,000 beers.

Train Travel

New journey along the road? Train journeys. Rail travels. Amazing views as you fly through different landscapes? Test it. Verify it. An eco sound alternative to automobiles? Test it. Verify it. Must not be concerned about splitting gas costs? Test, check, check.

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Heather Leisman, President of Vacations By Rail, a business that manages individual train trips around the globe, ranging from trips through Canada’s National Parks with Via Rail Canada, to integrated cruise train trips in France’s scenic winemaking region, explains: “To have a rail holiday is the ideal opportunity to indulge in pleasant times and reconnect with friends via travels.

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