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Why everyone should visit Turkey at least once in their life

Unlike most other countries Turkey is not just filled with beautiful wonders to please the eyes and soothe the soul, it is also a country where the East meets the West. This collision of two widely different cultures — alongside various other cultures all of which come together like the pieces of a puzzle — is what makes Turkey so fascinating. A wide range of breath-taking monuments and activities, and an endless list of wonderful places to visit in Turkey will ensure that your insatiable lust for travel is finally satisfied.

Some Turkey tourist places are among the best places to visit in Turkey. For instance, the Bosphorus bridge, one of the three suspended bridges over the Bosphorus strait that make it possible for the East and West to connect, is a mesmerizing sight as well as a popular tourist attraction. Visit Turkey, take a cruise down the Bosphorus strait, embrace the sight, and make yourself some unforgettable memories.

With historical monuments, tall mountains, beaches with water clear as a cloudless sky, museums and huge bazaars, Turkey makes sure to elicit a gasp of astonishment from you every step of the way. With our help you can rest assured your trip to Turkey will be a success. No need to look up “Turkey best places to visit” on the internet, we got you covered. Here are five places in Turkey you might not want to miss:


This place, originally an ancient Greek city which flourished under Roman authority, admired by those with a fondness for history, bears the ruins of the Roman Empire before its fall. If you have ever been curious about what life was like in the Roman Empire during the time it was at its peak, this place is one you will cherish.


This world heritage site is famous for its uniquely shaped rocks, fantastical landscape, houses on hillsides that have been carved into caves (some of which are hotels), a hundred hot air balloons taking to the sky each morning, the Red Valley hike leading to a sunset viewpoint and the Love Valley trail to Uchisar Castle. Be it riding in a hot air balloon during sunrise, exploring the cave towns or going hiking, this place never ceases to amaze, or feel like it is straight from a fairy tale.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace

Another great place to visit in Turkey, the Topkapi Palace takes you back to the days of the sultans. With a decor so outlandishly luxurious, a wide range of manuscripts and books in the library, and a diverse range of architectural styles, this palace complex is reminiscent of the power the Ottomans once possessed and will leave you with both a sense of satisfaction and a sense of disbelief.


The decrepit structures that lay near the Armenian border are remnants of the city of Ani. In its prime, around the tenth-eleventh century, it was the capital of the Armenian Kingdom, located next to the silk road between China and Europe.

As the silk road closed, the city lost its primary purpose and was the victim of various subsequent conquests and natural disasters. Now all that remains are the ruins of the city, its buildings, made of red bricks, crumbling. Beautiful and thought-provoking, this place is sure to make your memories its home, should you give it a chance.

Hagia Sophia

Last but not least is the Hagia Sophia, one of the finest places to visit in Istanbul, Turkey. Erected in the sixth century, under the order of the then Byzantine emperor Justinian the first, as a church, the Hagia Sophia is one of the greatest and most beautiful monuments on the planet.

Later turned into a mosque and a museum and a mosque again, the Hagia Sofia served as a place of art, politics and worship for the Byzantines, and gives us a sneak peek into that period.
Words can do no justice to a creation this marvellous, so one might have to visit Turkey and experience this miracle for themselves to actually believe it.

Visit Turkey at least once

Turkey is a country that combines an exciting nightlife and metropolitan cities with ancient ruins of various cultures and monuments of faith, alongside bazaars. It is a country everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

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