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Your Traffic Guide in Rome

Rome has exceptionally heavy traffic on its roads, as it is one of the busiest cities of Europe. There are thus, different public transportation facilities available in the city for the convenience of locals and tourists alike. Most of the transportation vehicles are comfortable, cheap, and easily available. Below, we are sharing some of the top public transportation methods as well as some traffic guidelines on how to cross the road in this busy city.

Public Transportation

Transportation is cheap within the city, but costlier options are available as well. For instance, a limo taxi is ideal for people who can pay high fares. However, even this luxurious transportation option isn’t as costly as compared to other areas of Europe.

Some public buses are often crowded which bother the locals, but for the tourists, they are perfectly acceptable, probably because complaining about the public transportation system is the favorite pastime of Romans. You can get from central Rome to any other area via bus, tram, or subway as per your convenience. Following are the public transportation options as a traffic guide in Rome for a new traveler:


There are two lines in Rome’s Metro, Line A (red) and Line B (blue). Line A connects Otaviano station to the Anagnina station which extends further according to the new expansion. Line B extends from the Termini station and the E42 area in the southern suburbs. The Roman Metro, which is also called the Metropolitana by the local people, goes round instead of through the city of monuments. Metro tickets are easily available with reasonable fares in the city.

The underground transportation system in Rome is full of commuters travelling around the city. The roads of Rome would have been packed had it not been for this comfortable and convenient underground metro system.

Buses and Trams

Buses run on every street in this city of life. The transportation of the Lazio area has the most coaches and from the Tiburtina station, coaches depart outside of Rome to other parts of Italy. Eurolines is the company which undertakes the trips outside of Rome.

In comparison, trams in Rome have seven lines which serve fairly well as transportation means across the city. One of the tram lines also connects the city to its second airport.


Taxis can be found in abundance on Roman roads. If you need to find one, there are taxi stands throughout the Central Square. The taxis in Rome can be summoned via call as well.

For people who are short on time, taxis are a convenient option to travel because of their promptness. You can call them from your home or hotel room and it would take barely next ten minutes to reach the destination. Preorders are also made for taxis and you can get a message on your cell phone ten minutes before the taxi arrives.

Crossing the Road

If you are a novice Rome pedestrian, then crossing a road in Rome can be a challenge for you. Normally, people cross the road when the signal goes green. However, locals in Rome are often careless when it comes to paying heed to traffic signals. You need to thus, look around for cars, in accordance with the right hand side driving. If you are standing at a signal, do not only rely upon the green walk signal as this is generally timed to last three seconds or less. It is perfectly safe to cross the street when the amber warning signal is glowing.

The busy roads in Rome show how many tourists come to visit the city and how big the city’s population truly is. This is why public transportation becomes a true blessing here.

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